Friday, March 27, 2009

The Dust is Blowing in the Desert

Late yesterday, this sweet family was next door.  There's another young'un in the far right side of the picture, but I guess he must wait his turn to be groomed.a sweet dove family 

Today is Couple's Bible Study day and we met in Arizona City at the Cartwright's.  There was only three couples today. Gary and Don visit while John fries the catfish and hush puppies for lunch, after Bible study. Gary Cyphers and Don at the Cartwright's John Cartwright frying catfish and hush puppies  We sure enjoyed the catfish and salad lunch with Gary, Cheryl....Gary and Cheryl Cyphers and Don and John and Margie.Margie and John Cartwright at their house

Before we left Arizona City, we stopped by Quail Run to see the Quinn's... you guessed it, they weren't home.  We then stopped at Chaplain Mitch and Kim's to say goodbye to them as they are leaving Monday.  When we left AZ City, we met Bob and Snookie on the highway, but I don't think they realized it was us.  I didn't see them, but Don said, "There's Bob and Snookie!"

Today has been very, very windy and very, very dusty.  Just before sunset, the wind laid a little and the dust settled.late, late afternoon The quails were thick in the cactus garden and I was all set to take a lot of pictures when all of a sudden ... POW! .... a gun shot from somewhere close and all the birds flew away and I was left wondering what the headlines are going to read in the morning. great opp and then a gun shot and they flew away  Well, there were no sirens or pandemonium.  Gus and Jean, our neighbors who are going home in the morning, said that it was probably someone trying to scare the rabbits out of the cactus garden because they are eating the plants and flowers.  Sure gave me a start for a second.

Pretty, isn't it?  Well, it didn't last long.  Soon the wind was gusting again after dark and the dust was swirling.  We could even smell the dust inside the Quantum.minutes before sunset

Tomorrow is my baby girl's 35th birthday.

We are so blessed.

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