Sunday, March 8, 2009

Sunday is here

God must really want us to understand how important it is to forgive others.  Don has preached a sermon on the subject of forgiveness at least four times since we've been married and today was another one.  The music was glorious, the sermon was challenging and the fellowship was sweet.

Immediately after church, we all walked the few feet to club house and celebrated the 65th wedding anniversary of Robert and Rose.  I could just kick myself for not taking my camera to church today.  Bob and Rose were so cute.  She was dressed in a lavender suit and pink hat.  Did you know that's the "uniform" of Red Hat Ladies who are under the membership age.  Red Hat Ladies who are old enough to be members wear purple and red.  Now, if Rose is old enough to be married 65 years, she's way old enough to be a legitimate Red Hat Lady.  I love her sense of humor.

Fran and Linnea invited us to lunch with them at the Hong Kong Kitchen.... not a buffet.  The food was delicious and the prices were incredibly reasonable. We just love Fran and Linnea from Minnesota... "Yah, you betch ya."

At lunch, Don announced that he has a jaw tooth that is causing him great discomfort when eating.  That has to be taken care of.

This afternoon, we rested and watched a little OU women's basketball on the tube.

We walked over to the garden to watch the quail feeding and drinking.

Gambrel quail drinking water The Gambrel quail owned the top of the box and the dove were cleaning up on the ground.100_2754 An "artsy" picture of a bird house....100_2755 ... same bird house in perspective to it's surroundings.100_2756While riding my bike late this afternoon, I stopped to chat with Pat and Slim.  They had been to the Quantum visiting with Don and offered to take us to their dentist in Algadones, Mexico as soon as Don can make an appointment.  Slim found the phone number and brought it to us tonight.  So a trip to Mexico will be in our near future.

We are blessed with friends from all parts of the U.S. and Canada.

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Wendy and Rick Fury said...

Love your pictures. Hope Don has his tooth taken care of soon. I know how it feels to have one hurtin' you. Love you guys