Friday, March 27, 2009

A Rose for LaNae's Birthday

After choir practice, I hopped on my bike while waiting for Don to return from getting a haircut.  I found this beautiful rose bush and roses just inside the border of a vacant RV site, so I parked my bike and got a really good shot.  Sent this one to LaNae for her birthday.100_3054 This bewildered dove is wondering who took her nest.  Just a few minutes before she was sitting on her nest on top of this camper.  The owners needed to go somewhere and the lady said that just this morning this dove had built her nest AND laid an egg in it.  The lady climbed the ladder and removed the nest to a box on top of their golf cart and in the sun so it would stay warm until they got back, if the mama didn't find the nest.  She stayed right on top of the RV as it was driving down the street, but finally flew off. She circled around the box but never landed on it while I was watching her.  Here she's sitting on the ground just a few feet from the gray box on top of the golf cart. She just looks like a rock in the pebbles. I felt sorry for her.where is my nest??? Next to the rose bush was this gorgeous orchid Iris... you know how I love Irises.orchid iris 

Down the street a few feet is Pat's hibiscus. Pat Steele's hibiscusPlease forgive me... I just had to take a picture of this FLAT frog that Toma actually picked up from the street and placed strategically in the cactus garden.  It's tongue is even sticking out.  He was trying to catch a bug but, caught a tire the midst of beauty there's always a frog or two... but does it have to be FLAT? This is some seriously long thorns. roses, thorns... hmmmthose are some LONG thorns, but some beautiful roses. The color of this bloom is a stunning deep, rich takes my breath away Even dusty, these hedgehog claret cups are vivid.100_3070 Down inside the flowers, the dust from the storm last night can be clearly seen.see the dust inside the flower?  that's from the dust storm last night Toma rinsed the dust off these claret cups with the water hose for me.  They sure are sparkling now that they had a bath.100_3073

OK, this afternoon, I went back to check on the mama dove and the people had returned and put her nest back where she had built it this morning.  She promptly settled right back on her nest, happy as can be.  I feel better. (I apologize for the poor quality of the picture, but you can still see her on her nest.) 100_3079 Today there are even more blooms on the huge Ocotillo by the swimming pool.100_3082 Here's a close-up of the Ocotillo flower and the leaves.  It is a strange looking desert plant, and I'm so intrigued by it.Ocotillo bloomsI could guess, but that's all it would be... a guess.  Honeysuckle?100_3083  Down the garden path....down the garden path

This has been an emotional day for us.  Nothing to be concerned about... God is a mighty and loving God and Father, but we appreciate your prayers more than we can articulate.  So, all the beauty that I've shared with you has been a blessed comfort to us today.

I can and will tell you that our Branson buddy, Barry Douglas, is in the hospital in Branson and not doing well at all.  He needs to be transferred to north Missouri to a nursing facility that is closer to his daughters, but that ambulance ride will cost about $4,000.  We are in the process of contacting a few folks we know in Branson to see if other transportation is available.  It seems that Barry will soon be in a hospice situation, so please pray for he and Anna and their family.  We love them so.

Also, we've received several emails from friends commenting about the new Sunday's Coming format and letting us know what's going on in their lives.  We LOVE hearing from everyone.

We are so blessed.

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