Monday, March 9, 2009

Ladies Bible Study day - Monday

Last Monday and today we have been studying the name of God, Adonai, which means Lord and Master.  The study of the Master/slave relationship where it applies to God and us, reveals so much to us.

The week before, we study the name of God, El Shaddai, which means the All-sufficient One.  However, before we can ever really know God as El Shaddai, we must know him as Adonai, our Lord and Master.

The only way to experience the all-sufficiency of God (peace, joy, contentment, fulfillment, satisfaction, provision, etc.) is to be totally surrendered to our Lord and Master, Adonai.... Jesus Christ.  He has saved us from a life of slavery to sin and is the only one worthy of our total obedience and trust.

The role of a Master is to provide everything the servant needs to perform the task or assignment given to the servant.  Our basic assignments are in His Word and as we obey Him, we also trust that the Master will provide everything we need, because that's what a master does.  Our Master goes above and beyond that.

I just wish all of my girlfriends could be in this study with us.  I'm learning so much and I think the Ladies are, also.

Joy, Vee, Linnea, Jodie, Pat Sublett, Barb Stiener, Mary Steinmetz Pat Sublett, Barb Steiner, Mary Steinmetz, Betty Livingston, Donna, Judy Gardner, Pat While we were at Bible study, Don was watching the big Saguaro being transplanted to the hole prepared for it by the club house. (And making a pot of vegetable soup for lunch.)  He didn't have the camera, so I went up and got a shot.  Maybe Toma will share some of her transplanting pictures with me as Jim did a lot of the work moving the Saguaro.the Saguaro was transplanted this morning.

Don's vegetable soup was delicious and he was able to eat it fairly easily.  He just has to be really careful not to bite down on that tooth to avoid pain.  Pray that there's no infection or abscess, so the dentist can do the work needed when we make that two hour drive to Mexico.

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