Sunday, October 14, 2012

What God Has Joined Together..

We arrived at the wedding venue about two hours before the actual wedding. Decorating was furiously taking place.

My brother, Jon, and Don survey the process.100_4167

Pre-wedding pictures were taken and I lurked around behind the professional photographer shooting my share of pictures, catching Emily with cousin, Jake. 100_4198

Emily and her attendants, Hannah, Meg and her sister, Aly.100_4196

Emily was just regal. 100_4203

Emily’s bouquet was wrapped with Mama Trudy’s pearl necklace. Mama Trudy's pearls wrapped around the bride's bouquet.Mama Trudy is Emily’s great-grandmother who is now in Heaven. 2012 Jan 29 Emily & Mama Trudy (4) During the ceremony, I heard a pearl bounce on the floor. Moments later, as we were singing, “Amazing Grace,” the pearls begin to hit the hardwood floor. Meg, the maid of honor, caught my eye in a look of panic.  I smiled happily at her as the tears spilled over the rim of my eyes. She smiled back and the tension left her face.  In fact, all tension left the entire room.  As my niece and mother of the bride said later, “It was a moment that was meant to be.”  A divine moment.

The beautiful gluten-free wedding cake decorated by the bride’s grandmother, Regina Circeo.100_4220

The Communion and Marriage License signing table.100_4223

As Kyle, the groom, took his place and took in the room full of friends and family, his mouth quivered and I thought he was losing his composure, but he re-cooped.  When Tammy reached the doorway, for Kyle, the room was empty.  The emotion in the room was precious.100_4228

The minister did an amazing job of comparing the marriage of a man and woman with the relationship of Jesus Christ and His Church.  God was most definitely lifted up and glorified in this marriage ceremony.

At this point and probably fortunately, the battery in my camera went dead.

One of my favorite moments of the ceremony was at the end when the minister said (completing the sentence began in the title), “…. let no man put asunder."  And the bride said a solid, “Amen!” louder than she had said anything during the whole ceremony. The “Amen’s” echoed through the room

Uncle of the bride, Tom DeRusha, announced,

“Mr. and Mrs. Kyle Ryan!”100_4232

Robert and Salby Sherman, dear, sweet friend of Tammy Circeo.  Salby stepped up and was a huge help with everything. In fact, she was indispensible.  We fell in love with them!Seriously.  So cute and just delightful. We wanted to spend more time with Robert and Salby.

How delighted I was when I realized that Emily and Kyle were foregoing the tradition of pouring champagne in each other’s mouth and shoving wedding cake all over each other’s face.  Where did that hideous tradition start, anyway?100_4249

Following the toast by the maid of honor and the best man, Ken, father of the bride, read a poem that he had written for “My Brown-eyed Girl.”  There wasn’t a dry eye in the room when he was finished with his emotional and sentimental reading, including his.Daddy and his poem about his brown-eyed girl.  Yes, I'm bawling like a baby.  It was so precious. Tammy is trying to hold it together, emotionally.

Emily and Kyle Ryan dance their first dance together as husband and wife.100_4271-001

I will insert here that we love Kyle Ryan and believe that he is perfect for our Emily.  He is so attentive to her and we have no doubt that he will take good care of her. It did not take long visiting with him to realize his love for God and that’s the most important element of his relationship with Emily.100_4271-002

Next, the bride and her dad dance and we all witnessed another “look of love.”100_4278

Oh, my. (sigh) …. worth a thousand words.Oh my. (Sigh)

After much festiveness and fellowship, it was time for Mr. and Mrs. Ryan to leave the reception.

It was a beautiful wedding and reception and Don and I are so thankful to have had the opportunity to share this blessed event with our family and friends of Emily and Kyle, Tammy and Ken.

[Have no fear… all pearls were gathered up and safe in my possession to see another wedding in the future.]

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Tammy said...

I wondered where all the pearls ended up. There are still so many details that I'm remembering and reliving. Thanks for such a beautiful job recapping our first baby's wedding day. We agree with you that Kyle is wonderful for and to her!