Saturday, October 13, 2012

Wedding Eve Activities

Tom and Ken cooked breakfast the the gang this morning.Tommy preparing breakfast.

College football games start early on the west coast.  Don and I enjoyed watching the OU Sooners defeat the Texas Longhorns. Well, we watched part of the game.Of course, we had the game going!

Jake patiently drinks a big mug of hot chocolate while waiting for breakfast to cook. He’s so cute! 100_4127

Ashleigh is enjoying a big people Seattle beverage. Coffee. She’s beautiful and such a sweetheart.Ashleigh Grace.  Just beautiful.

Enjoying breakfast.100_4132

Siblings, Tommy and Tammy, my nephew and niece, sitting at the breakfast table visiting and posing for Aunt LaVon.  Tom is the only sibling who made it to the wedding festivities this weekend. Sammy, Timmy and Jamey are all back east in Georgia and Tennessee.Tommy and Tammy... siblings.

Grandpa Circeo (Ken’s dad) and Grandpa DeRusha (Tammy’s dad and my brother)in serious conversation. There were three preachers in the house at one time.  If you think they didn’t have a good time, you would be wrong. Bob Circeo and Jon DeRusha in deep conversation.This weekend was the first time that Don met Bob Circeo and they thoroughly enjoyed getting to know each other.

This afternoon, Tammy had a family dinner planned. Kyle, the groom-to-be, and Emily, arrive for the dinner and are greeting by grandparents, and all the relatives who had not yet met Kyle. I think he truly felt accepted.100_4138

Kyle’s parents, Debbie and Tom Ryan, also attending the dinner.Debbie & Tom Ryan

We all had a great time getting to know each other and celebrating this special time together. Debbie & Tom Ryan, Kyle's parents.

Ken’s parents, Bob & Regina Circeo:Bob & Regina Circeo.

Seriously, Tommy?  Erin tolerates his annoying antics, as his mom and dad watch and wait for her to get enough.Really Tommy???

The bride-to-be and her grandpas. (Hold cursor over each picture for description.)Emily wasn't there to have her picture taken, but the two proud grandpas were. Deep in discussion. Now, she's ready for a picture.

Emily wasn’t the only family member with something special going on.  Tonight is homecoming for her little sister, Aly.  She looked stunning in her dress. 100_4158 100_4163

Tonight, Ken and I watched his mom, Regina, decorate the weeding cake.Regina Circeo decorating Emily and Kyle's cake. Son, Ken, watching.

Tomorrow is the wedding day!

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