Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Take Shape for Life

I could not be more excited about the progress I have made on my new journey to get healthy and stay healthy and the first phase of that journey is getting to a healthy weight.

Take Shape for Life is the path I am taking and it’s great!  This morning, I had crunchy cinnamon and brown sugar cereal with almond milk.  Very tasty and satisfies my need for crunchy.  I’m a crunchy lover.IMG_1453

It’s also good for me. IMG_1455 

I eat five small Take Shape for Life meals (sample shown) a day and…..IMG_1468

one Lean and Green meal a day.IMG_1472

At Take Shape for Life, my health coach via phone and email is Carolyn Nilsen.  She’s great and here’s a picture of her success story.  She was a diabetic before starting and now take no medications and her blood sugar is normal.IMG_1456

After just four weeks, I have lost 15.2 pounds and put on a pair of new Capri pants this morning that’s been hanging in my closet because I could not get them on, much less button them.  Today, they slid on, buttoned and zipped with no problem.  I am so happy and very encouraged to continue on my journey to getting healthy and staying healthy.  100_4574

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