Friday, October 26, 2012

Button, button, who’s got the button?

While visiting with Jim and Toma…100_4686-001

Toma brought out a box full of button band bracelets that she has made and is going to sell them at the craft sales they have in the park there at Sunscape.

The button bands are just too cute. I got this one with the darling giraffe for our Emma who loves them. IMG_1509

Toma gave me this one with metal buttons.  I love that it jingles!  IMG_1511

Toma said the hardest part is cutting the denim straight with the grain of the thread so it will fringe out evenly.  The fastener is commercial grade self-sticking velcro. She gets her buttons at garage sales and from old clothes that she also finds at garage sales.  Some of her buttons came from the U.K. as her granddaughter ordered her five pounds of buttons!!!  Now I wish I still had all of Mama Trudy’s buttons.IMG_1512

What a perfect craft project for creative people of all ages.

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