Monday, October 15, 2012

Pike Place, Seattle

Before Tom and family head to the airport, we all went down to the Pike Place Public Market in Seattle.

Sis-in-law, Carolyn and I having a good time as we ride.IMG_1367

This is a close as we got to the space needle.  And that was okay with me, since I have been up the space needle in San Antonio, which is actually taller than this one.100_4322

Such diverse architectural designs in Seattle.100_4325 100_4327

Very famous signage.100_4334

Our first stop was the first, original Starbucks. FYI: there is no public restroom in this store.The first and original Starbucks. (There is no restroom inside.)

Just a few of the wares in the market:

Fruit and veggies.100_4335


Seafood. 100_4336 100_4337[Stop looking at me!!!]Stop looking at me!!!

Arts and crafts. 100_4343


Don’t forget the flying fish! Which I could never get a shot of a fish in flight.100_4353

Flowers… unbelievably cheap, as in not expensive.IMG_1375



Also famous, Post Alley.100_4367

Yes, disgusting wall full of wads of used/chewed gum.100_4361 Ashleigh and Jake, don’t touch that wall!!100_4363

This is a steep walk down the alley. Downhill. 100_4365 100_4366

Time out for a few fun fotos.

Tom, Erin, Jake and Ashleigh.100_4372

Cousins Aly and Ashleigh.100_4373



It was getting close to time for Tom and family to depart for the airport, but we had just enough time for one more adventure.100_4388100_4382 What?Am.I.Doing?  Impulsiveness made this decision.My ticket?  What have I done? Waiting in line.Jakey lets me entertain myself while waiting our turn on the wheel. 100_4391 The ferry makes a pretty sight.100_4392

Now in the swinging, suspended glass bucket!From the Great Wheel. Swinging. Gee whiz, what was I thinking??? Oh, shut up, you big sissy.  Face your fears.

My legs are solid liquid or is that just liquid running down my leg.

Segway on the pier just over there.What are they doing over there?  Segway?

Hello down there!! Hey down there!!

I tried to keep myself occupied by taking pictures, so I wouldn’t be a silly scared girl. That building with the pointed top is the one Yong An Bake told us she walked out on the rim around the top and didn't much care for it.  I understand.100_4398

Ashleigh wasn’t scared. She's so calm. Too young to know any better. Yeah, that's it.

Jake and Aly weren’t scared. Cousins, Jake and Aly.

I wasn’t scared either. I faced my fears! And it was FUN!!!

My sweet man LUVS the water.Water = Happy hubby.


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Tammy said...

I'm so glad I could spend the day showing you our Seattle ... and even prouder that you went up in the Great Wheel! I didn't know you were so scared and now I wish I had gone with you, too. :(