Wednesday, October 10, 2012

I thought this day would never get here!

It’s Flying-to-Seattle-Day!!

As we waited outside for Mr. Dick, the local shuttle service, to arrive, I took a picture of the mountain to the north in the morning sun.A nice capture of the mountain to our north, in the early morning sun.

Bags are waiting.  Hard to believe that there are enough clothes in that red suitcase for both of us for a week.  Well, not really. I will need to do laundry at Tammy’s before we return. Bags packed and waiting for Dick (our in-park shuttle service) to pick us up and take us to the airport.

Don’s meds that are due will not arrive until tomorrow so he made arrangements with our neighbor to pick up our mail when UPS delivers it.

Dick arrived right at 7:30 AM as scheduled and off we went to the Sky Harbor Airport in Phoenix.  Dick dropped us off at the American Airline terminal and left.  As it turned out, we were flying Alaska Airline, operated by American Airlines.  We had to hop on a shuttle bus over to the correct terminal for Alaska Airline.  Thankfully, we had plenty of time since our flight wasn’t departing until 10:40 AM.

At security, Don had to be scanned and “frisked” because of his pacemaker.  Going through security is such a hassle, but hey, 9-11 sure created a lot of jobs for a lot of people, huh?  Who pays their salaries, anyway?  Is it Homeland Security?  If so, you and I pay the security agents to shake us down at airports.  Thank you, Islam extremists terrorists.

Ok, off my soapbox.

There are a lot of very nice murals in the air terminals depicting Arizona history.  As we waiting for 10:20 AM, Don enjoyed a coffee and a blueberry muffin and I enjoyed taking pictures in the airport.In the airport, more art work depicting Arizona history.

While waiting at the gate, we observed that Sky Harbor is a very busy airport, one plane after another taking off.Busy airport, busy picture with shadows and reflections. Our seat mate was a nice gentleman of Dutch Reform heritage with relatives still living in Holland. He works for a very large dairy farm company over in Buckeye.

As the plane turned, I got a shot of the ground from my seat in the middle.We're in the air!!  The Arizona desert with clouds and cloud shadows.

I don’t know why I was a little surprised to see a male flight attendant who appeared to be retirement age.Inside Alaska Airline, I was surprised.  Not the pilot, but a steward.  And for a moment, I thought Bruce Hoover was on this flight!!

Our flight was very nice and we enjoyed visiting with our Dutch Reform friend who was traveling to a community north of Seattle to meet his wife and babysit his grandchildren for the weekend.

Suddenly, I spotted the majestic Mount Ranier out our window.  Of course, it wasn’t this close, but I zoomed it in.From the air and approaching Seattle, Mount Ranier above the clouds and through the airplane window.

As we were descending, we were flying just above the clouds and could still see the tops of the mountain range.Mountain range above the clouds.

The clouds became a little closer and the mountains disappeared.Descending and losing sight of the mountain range.

And then, as we descended through clouds and fog, the wing disappeared!   Descending and losing sight of the WING!!!

Landing was easy and we headed to the Rail to take us to Baggage Claim.  Next stop, Hertz Rental, via shuttle bus.  We got our car and directions to 405 and we were on our way to my niece’s.

Immediately, I begin to notice the colors of Fall.Fall colors!!!

I played a little with the picture of the Bellevue skyline, where there is a Microsoft campus.  I like this picture.Seattle

It’s been quite a while since I’ve seen Autumn colors this vivid. 100_4056

 Just awesome!

We’re getting close to Tammy’s home as we pass The Mill in Mill Creek. IMG_1325

I like the Pacific Northwest already.

Thank you, Lord, for safety today.

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