Friday, October 12, 2012

More family arrives.

Nephew, Tom and family finally arrived after spending the night in the airport in Las Vegas due to heavy rain.  Erin said, “How ironic that the plane from Las Vegas to Seattle was grounded to to rain.”

So Friday was spent just visiting and eating and resting.

Tom and Erin have two children, Ashleigh and Jake.  Ashleigh is 12 and I was fascinated watching her zigzag braid her hair.IMG_1350 IMG_1348

Tonight, while Tom and Ken played Scrabble, we watched the tiny little tree frogs crawling up the sliding glass door.100_4118They weren’t even an inch long and very green on the top side. 100_4119

Ken’s mom, Regina, watches as he beats Tom (in picture) at Scrabble. Regina Circeo and I watching  Tom and Ken play Scrabble.

Afterward, Ken promptly beat Tom and I in a game of Trivia. But we had fun while the girls all went to Emily’s bachelorette party.

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