Monday, October 22, 2012

Marvelous Monday… 82 degrees

Funny story:  Remember, I stated yesterday that Don’s message topic was “encouragement” yesterday morning?  After church, one gentleman came up to Don and said, “That was a warm message.”  Don asked, “Warm?” The gentleman replied: “Not so hot.”  Don couldn’t help but smile as he wondered if the man was listening at all to the message.

Every Monday morning, there’s a meeting of park residents at the activity hall and every meeting, Don is asked to speak. This morning, he told the funny story of the gentleman who wasn’t very encouraging, without calling any names.  Everyone really got a kick out of the story…. so much so that we wondered if they had no trouble figuring out who said it.

Even when Don is waiting on me to get ready to go with him, he’s visiting with folks.Don, visiting.

We stopped at the AJ RV store.  Nothing special happened there, but the people were really nice.A nice RV store

Pictures taken from the truck as we were stopped for a red light.100_4554 I the horses.

Next stop: Post Office.

Next stop:  The Superstition Ranch Market.

I love the various stages of pepper ripeness: green, yellow, red, orange.Peppers in various stages of ripeness:  orange, red, yellow, green.100_4560 100_4561

If you’re wondering about prices at the Ranch Market, the total for the three items in this picture total $1.50.  That’s right… a buck fifty.IMG_1465

Their pumpkins are very large! Twenty-five cents a pound. We left them all at the store.100_4562

On our way to check out Costco, Old Glory, waving, caught my eye.100_4563

At Costco, we found the padded microfiber rugs we wanted for the Q galley.  Pure foot comfort.  Helps the back, also.IMG_1473

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