Saturday, October 27, 2012

“Lightning Strucked”

My 4 year old nephew told me this morning that lightning struck his house one time and knocked the power out. This happened a long time ago, but it made a real impression on him. He looked at my Dad’s farm truck windshield this morning and told him “it got lightning strucked”, because it has cracks all in it. Do you ever feel like you have been “lightning strucked” and your power has been knocked out? Sometimes God can’t get our attention any other way! We slack off on our prayers and our time with God and start going down roads we choose not the ones God has chosen for us. The world is full of mixed messages…one day it tells you that you are beautiful and the next your ugly. One day you are so smart and the next extremely dumb. One day you are loved and the next they want nothing to do with you. That is the world! God’s message is ALWAYS the same, it NEVER changes, you are His child, completely designed by Him, no mistakes, formed by love and He will forgive your wrong choices, and make something beautiful out of your tears. He can mold you and make you to be used by Him if you are willing to give all of yourself to Him. And when you are not listening to Him, He will allow you to get “lightning strucked” and knock your power out. It is only in His power, through His power that all things are possible, never in our power!
I have a young 20 year old friend who has been “lightning strucked” this week in a mighty way!  As I type this, she is sitting in jail with all her power knocked out. She would not listen to God’s whispers and nudges so He had to get her attention in a big way. I am heart sick that this has happened to her. She has been a full time college student for 3 years and she has made good grades, she even had a 4.0 this summer taking some hard classes. This is her first offense, but it is a big one. I don’t know if she is guilty of the crime, but it doesn’t matter what I think or know. God knows the truth and He definitely has her attention now. Please pray with me that she will listen to Him now and follow Him to the path He wants her on and away from that dark path Satan convinced her to travel.
If you have been “lightning strucked” in some way, please turn to prayer and call on Jesus, He will direct you. He can make you a Holy Spirit empowered person! I will leave you with one of my favorite verses I have shared so many times before, but it is so true and appropriate for today. Isaiah 30:21 “Whether you turn to the right or to the left your ears will hear a voice behind you, saying, This is the way; walk in it.”
I pray my friend listens to His voice now!

[Posted by permission of the author, Mandy Grounds, over at a prayer group I am a member of on FaceBook, Pearls for Heaven.]

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