Friday, October 26, 2012

Visiting friends

Our view of Superstition Butte as we drive out of Apache Junction this morning.Superstition Butte

Before we got to Florence, the high wind got the dust a little stirred up.Dust blowing across highway on our way to Sunscape RV Park to visit LoPo and NoPo.

The cotton fields are ready to be harvested. Some cotton has already been stripped and hauled to the gins.Cotton is ready to harvest.

Wow! We got to Norm and Lori’s (aka NoPo and LoPo) about an hour later. It was so good to see them and we chatted and chatted and got all caught up.100_4681

I couldn’t decide which edit I liked the best.100_4681-002

Love these kiddos!100_4681-003

Their new park model is really nice and LoPo is very happy to have her own washer and dryer out in their shed. NoPo did a beautiful job of putting in the floor.LoPo and NoPo's shed.

We went to the Creative Cafe in Casa Grande for lunch. Oops, I forgot to take a picture of our plates pre-eating. Don and NoPo both had a chili cheeseburger, LoPo ordered a spicy wrap with tortilla soup and I have half a chef salad. Post lunch, Creative Cafe. Don's plate.

On the way back to their park, we saw the biggest dust devil I’ve every seen. That’s a very large ranch house to the right of the dust devil to give an idea of how large the dust twister was.Largest dust devil we've ever seen.

Before we left the park, we had to go by and see Jim and Toma. We were parked across the street from them the two years that we were at Sunscape. Funny story: Jim was taking a nap when we arrived and didn’t wake until we had been there for awhile and didn’t know we were there. Read his t-shirt!100_4686

The are so cute and we love them dearly. They love each other, too.  The Look of Love.100_4687

It was dark before we got back to the Q, but we had a great time on our date day. It’s always so wonderful to visit with friends!

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