Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Snohomish, Washington

It has been cloudy and rainy everyday, but today, the sun peeked out, so Don said, “Let’s go somewhere!”

And we headed for the oldest town in state of Washington. Snohomish.

I wanted to get as many pictures of the fall colors as I could.100_4404

It didn’t take us long at all to be looking at farmland.Snohomish, the oldest town in Washington, is in that valley or river bottom.




We stopped at a pumpkin farm so I could take pictures.

100_4422You’re so perceptive.  This is not a pumpkin. It’s a Kildeer.

These are pumpkins! Lots of pumpkins. IMG_1390


I so enjoyed our afternoon driving around this part of the county.100_4426 100_4431




Snohomish building of all wood.100_4444 Very old building. All wood.

A home.100_4446 Downtown, Main Street.100_4447

The Snohomish River flows right by Main Street. The Snohomish River

The Snohomish River

Don spotted this 7-Up sign. Had to get his picture by the sign of the the company he was sales manager for in Waco, Texas back in the 70’s and early 80’s. Rarely do we find 7-up signs, reminding Don of his time in Waco as the Sales Manager for 7-up Bottling Co.

Sign attached to each street light. 100_4459-001

The Cabbage Patch Restaurant was recommended to us by the nice lady in the tea store.Let's have lunch here!

We absolutely loved this quaint restaurant.100_4468



I had the Mediterranean Scramble.My Mediterranean Scramble.  Very, very tasty.

Don had the grilled chicken with artichoke and spinach spread on sour dough bread.Don had grilled chicken with artichoke/spinach spread on sour dough with a bowl of cabbage soup/chili.

Little did we know there would be friends in the Cabbage Patch that we had never met.  Enter the scene, Ruth, celebrating her 81st birthday with her daughter, Jo Ann.  We sang “Happy Birthday” to her and everything!Happy 81st Birthday, Ruth Hansen!They were just delightful Christian ladies that when we left, we felt like we went there just to meet them.

Jo Ann and I are now FaceBook friends!  Imagine that!  JoAnn Hansen Patterson and her mom, Ruth Hansen.  What a delightful Christian pair!

Ruth’s story is so interesting.  Her father had a street ministry down at Pike Place and also a jail ministry.  Ruth plays the piano and helped her dad.  I could have listened to her for hours.  Doesn’t she look like she could just rock the ivory off the piano keys?!Ruth Hansen, Mill Creek, WA. Met her at The Cabbage Patch Restaurant

We finally left the restaurant, reluctantly, and walked back to our car, taking pictures as we walked.100_4490 100_4491

As we headed back across the river bottom of farm land, we stopped to get some Honey Crisp apples, apple cider and honey sticks. 100_4494

I sketched this of the apple barn quickly.  NOT.IMG_1393

More fall color on the way back.100_4496 100_4498  IMG_1391

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