Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Tortilla Flat, AZ

We finally made it to Tortilla Flat, AZ.  When we were in Arizona two years ago, we went one day, but there was no parking place available and people were standing outside.  Today, we found a place to park easily and did not have to wait at all to be seated in the restaurant.100_4606


100_4611The walls in the restaurant are covered with one dollar bills.100_4609


If you belly up to the bar, you will be astride a saddle covered bar stool.   100_4610

Don enjoyed the cheeseburger, which was just your average burger.  I had the “Peep Salad”… aka chicken taco salad, keeping my meal Lean & Green.Poor guy.

Aww, man! It’s closed! 100_4617

It’s been many moons since this wagon saw the back end of a horse or mule. 100_4619

My view just before getting back in the truck.100_4620

A view of Canyon Lake from the southwest side.100_4621

We got a call from friends and ministry partners, Bev and Jerry, while at Tortilla Flat letting us know that they were headed over to see us from Glendale.  We got back to the Q a few minutes before they arrived and had a great visit.  It was so good to see Bev and Jerry again… these friends that we met at Sunscape RV Resort, Casa Grande, Arizona, a few years ago.

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