Thursday, October 25, 2012

Around the neighborhood

I went walking with Don this morning.  We got as far as three spaces down and and gentleman sitting out on his patio drinking coffee, waved and said, “Good morning, y’all!”  Y’ALL??  Don said, “We’ve got to me this brother!”  Condy was quick to jump up and greet us and offer us a chair, so we sat and visited a bit.  Soon, his wife, Rita, came out and we learned that they spent last season at in Campbellsville, KY. Tom, their friend parked across the street, saw us all and came over.  He worked at Campbellsville, also.  They have got to be good, good people as they did not protest at all when I asked if I could take their picture!Condy, Rita and friend, Tom.

Continuing on our walk…

A barrel cactus.100_4653

A large turtle yard ornament.100_4654

Pink Oleander blooms.Pink Oleander

Citrus fruit… not sure if it’s oranges or grapefruit.100_4658

We walked a little over a mile this morning and then got in the truck and drove over to Joy and Chuck’s to make a ministry call on them.  Joy was sitting out on their front porch, so we sit down and got to know her a little.  We had been told that she is going through chemo for lung cancer.  She’s lost all her hair, but she has a very nice shaped head.  She said she’s been told that before.  As we were getting ready to leave and before Don could ask, Joy asked if Don would pray with her.  We were delighted to do so.

New Sun Shade!

Thanks to Bev and Jerry, who visited us yesterday and left us a gift earmarked for “personal use only,” we now have a much needed shade on the west side of the Q.  In the middle of the day, it shades the patio nicely and allows us to sit and visit with guests in the comfort of a breeze, usually. Thanks again, Bev and Jerry! We’ve been look at shades since we got here.Thanks, Bev and Jerry!  We now have a shade for the west side of the Q!  Works awesome in the middle of the day. 100_4660

While sitting out and enjoying our new shade, I took a shot of the beautiful moon.100_4662

We live in the Workamper section…

Across the street, Joyce and Ron. Joyce and Ron's rig.

Next door to Joyce & Ron, Doug.Doug's place, next door to Ron & Joyce.

Phyllis and Loren live in the Cameo and they hold a Bible study there!Phyllis and Loren... they have a Bible study at their place!

Phyllis and Opie live in the motorhome behind us.Neighbors behind us, Phyllis and Opie!

Long after sundown last night, we heard a rig getting parked.  Today, we met Pete.  His wife is Juanita, but we haven’t met her yet. They sure have had a rough time since leaving Mississippi.  They had a wreck in Little Rock and a blowout just as they were arriving in Phoenix on I-17 from Flagstaff. Lots of damage done to their fifth wheel… black tank and lines; electric lines and who knows what else.Neighbors Pete and Juanita, arrived late last night.  They have had so much trouble on the road.

On the other side of Pete and Juanita, Dolly lives in a mobile home with her son.

Dan and wife live in the coach and Darrell and wife live in the fifth wheel in front of the big Saguaro cactus.In the coach, Dan and his wife.  In the 5th wheel in front of the big Saguaro cactus, Darrell and his wife.  Haven't met the wives yet.

Our immediate neighbors to the west, Jewell, Bob and son, Lucky. Sweet Jewell assured Don that he could use their land line to do his pacemaker checks.  We are grateful for her generous, neighborly spirit.100_4670


We’re watching the World Series and Thursday Night Football.   

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