Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Time to go. Awesome day to fly.

We were up early so we could say goodbye to Aly, who was going to school, and Ken, who was going to work.Saying goodbye to Aly, going to school, and Ken, going to work.

I am not a fan of goodbyes.

We sat around and visited with Jon and then it was time for us to go to the airport. What a great time we had our first time in the Pacific Northwest.I'm not a fan of goodbyes... tearful.

Our rent car is returned and we’re waiting for the shuttle to the airport terminal.That's my handsome husband.  Waiting for shuttle to airport after dropping of rent car.

As we were flying out of the Seattle area, we could see Mount Ranier so clearly.Mount Ranier from the plane.

I am so pleased with these shots taken across the plane through the window opposite me.I couldn't believe I could get such a beautiful picture from the plane.

Framed by the plane window.Mount Ranier framed by plane window.

So much of the time, the top of the mountain is in the clouds and can’t be seen.  Not today.  I consider being able to see and photograph Mount Ranier, a gift from God. Thank You so much.Mount Ranier, so proud.

Out my window, the Seattle area islands, peninsulas and bays are disappearing from view.Leaving Seattle area, toward the Pacific.

Meet Yong An Baker, our new friend who had the seat next to Don.  We had so much fun chatting with her and guess what?  She and I are now FaceBook friends! She is such a sweetie and cutie!IMG_1411

Yong An took this picture of Don and I with her iPhone5 and emailed it to me while we were on the plane.  I love technology.Don & LaVon by Yong An Baker 2012-10-17

The Washington coastline.The Washington coastline.

The coastline.

The mountains along the coast with clouds reflecting the beautiful sunlight.Amazing picture of mountains and coastline through the clouds. Notice the play of the sun on the clouds and the shoreline. Uh oh. Smoke.Where there's smoke. . . .

A patchwork quilt in earth tones.A patchwork quilt in earth tones.

I took this picture and then Yong (pronounced Young) said, “Golden Gate.” The Golden Gate Bridge! A special surprise to me.

The Golden Gate and it’s shadow.The Golden Gate Bridge and it's shadow!

What a view!My eyes. My camera.

Hmmm. What’s this? Alcatraz!100_4538

Alcatraz, the Golden Gate Bridge... this flight was fun!

Alcatraz in the glow of the setting sun reflecting on the water.Another shot of Alcatraz in the setting sun.

I haven’t a clue.100_4541


Approaching Oakland, but not our airport where we will lay over for two hours before flying on the Phoenix. Not the Oakland Airport.

Descending for landing.Descending to the Oakland Airport for a 2 hour layover

Back in the air after sunset.  The red glow of the sun and the moon.  It was an amazing site.The moon was actually just a slither of light as the red glow of sunset lingered.

Wish the moon didn't have a blur. It was an amazing sight.

We landed about 9:00 PM and Mr. Dick was there to pick us up and whisk us back to the Q.

It’s nice to be back.

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