Monday, January 17, 2011

What a busy morning….

We were greeted by this little bunny when we stepped out of the Q about 8:45 this morning on our way to the MMM (Monday morning meeting).100_0289

I had three ladies sign up for the CRM God’s Worthy Women Retreat coming up on Feb. 19th here in the RGV.  The deadline to sign up is Feb. 16th, so we are expecting more ladies to sign up.  Worthy means commendable, admirable, valuable and precious.  As women, we are all of these in God’s eyes.  We are looking forward to a very blessed time with ladies from various parks and resorts around this area and viewing each other through God’s eyes.

Crime Prevention Officer Juan Carlos Aguirre and co-officer “Smiley,” gave a presentation after our MMM, regarding traveling into Mexico and other items of interest to Winter Texans. 100_0292 We learned that the dangers across the border are very real and we have been discouraged from going into Mexico this season.  The war between the Cartel and the Zetas is very real and they don’t care who is in the way of their gunfire when they direct their fire power.  The Mexican Military feels the same as they seek to gain some semblance of control, which they have none of currently.  Travelers into Mexico also run the risk of being kidnapped or robbed, if not murdered.  These things are true from Brownsville, Texas to the Pacific Ocean along the Mexico border.

We will not be going to Mexico.

J.C. also educated us regarding local gangs and how to recognize them.  To my knowledge, Don and I haven’t seen any gang members, but we are not out much at night.

It was a very informative morning and it’s good to know that our police department is on top of what’s going on in the area.

For lunch, we enjoyed pork roast, mashed potatoes, gravy, and green beans prepared by Alta and ‘gang’ in the main hall kitchen.  We also enjoyed dining with park managers, Donna and Jim Hall.

When we came outside after lunch, we heard a lawn mower and Don took a big old whiff and said, “Ahhh, fresh mowed grass.”  So, if you are looking at snow, please enjoy this picture of green grass, bushes and palm trees.100_0294

You might also enjoy seeing winter Texans enjoying the hot tub… or maybe not so much.  100_5349

About 2:00 PM, Donna texted me and said she was ready to go on our pre-planned walk around the park.  Of course, when Abby and Britney barked at us to get our attention, we had to stop and play.100_5345 100_5346 100_5347

And then there was Sparky, an adorable Pom, out walking with her ‘mom’ Shirley.100_5348

Donna and I had a good walk as we talked and prayed for folks here at Tip O’ Texas RV Resort.

Hope your Monday was marvelous, tool

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