Friday, January 28, 2011

Out and about on Friday

Bible study was excellent this morning as we studied more about heaven.  We studied the significance of worshipping God in heaven and rehearsing here on earth.

We walked over the see Jake after Bible Study, but you know we always stop and talk to someone(s) along the way.  This couple was on their way to the Hamburger Joint in Donna.  Do you notice the two little things hanging on the back of their Honda by the license plate?….100_0501

…these small crescent wrenches are for when they travel with folks riding Harley’s.  That’s a really cute idea, but they don’t look like they’ve been used, do they? :-)100_0498

It started… I could barely hear it, but it started.  I personally prefer the quieter motorcycles.100_0502

May God provide safety for this nice couple as they ride.100_0503

We finally made it to Jake and Bonita’s.  Jake has been in the hospital with excruciating pain in his back.  Bonita sometimes plays the organ and piano for church.Jake and Bonita Somerholder

Next was a stop at Clarence and LaVerne’s, but they weren’t at home.  Clarence had a “spell” Wednesday night and missed choir rehearsal on Thursday and Bible study this morning, so we wanted to check on him.  Guess he’s doing better or at the doctor.

We went to Jason’s Deli for lunch.  I love going their and eating healthy.  I can have a salad the way I want it and a cup of soup and Don can add an ice cream cone to his meal.  You read correctly… I did not eat any ice cream.

Next stop, Sun Harvest, organic foods and nutrition grocery store.  Here’s the result of that stop, prepared for dinner tonight:100_0505the boneless pork chops were outstanding.  I prepared the sweet potato slices and asparagus in a little olive oil and sea salt, cooked in the convection oven.  We thoroughly enjoyed our meal.

Tonight, we went to the main hall to listen to the Cruisers, a 50’s band, and to watch the dancers.  I took a few night pictures while waiting for Nancy and John, who had picked up our tickets and were going to sit with us.

This is the outdoor pool and hot tub area.100_0509 100_0510

The pool and hot tub were empty because everyone was at the Cruisers concert. 100_0511

When the music started, the floor was full.100_0519

There goes my 87 year old buddy, Cal (in the cowboy hat) and his bride of 67 years, Billie.100_0516

All around the floor they went, time and time again.  Cal would never sit down, but Billie needs a break once in awhile.100_0524

Our friends, Monte and Lyla, could sure cut a rug!100_0527100_0518100_0526

Some really enjoyed getting into 50’s costume.  Notice the rolled up jeans and the saddle oxford shoes.  Bye-bye!100_0525

We stayed until Don’s back wouldn’t allow him to sit any longer in those chairs.

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Mrs. Monty said...

Caught up with the blogs tonight and just wanted to tell you your pictures are so beautiful. You do such a great job with your blog.