Monday, January 24, 2011

Monday at the Tip

Today was another really busy day:

MMM … another lady signed up for CRM’s God’s Worthy Women Retreat on Feb. 19.  [Worthy means commendable, admirable, valuable, and precious.  As women, we are all of these in God’s eyes.]

Church board meeting. [Don.  I stayed after the MMM to be available for anyone wanting to sign up for the retreat.]

Cooking. [Don.  Outstanding chicken veggie soup.]




Visits. [Don. I was doing laundry.]





Praising the Lord!  Keith finally let go and went Home today about 2:00 PM.  Carol is relieved, yet grieving or maybe I should say, “grieving, yet relieved.”  Pray for her that God will protect her from the spirit of bitterness.


Graceful said...

You are busy, busy indeed. Your post reminds me that I have 4 loads of laundry that have been waiting to be folded for 2 days -- yikes, wrinkle city!

Your post below about the anniversaries made me feel teary with joy. Married for 68 and 69 years -- isn't that just amazing? And I loved the gartered leg up on the table! said...

Busy busy busy!!!