Friday, January 7, 2011

Friday? Already?

Time sure is flying.

On the way to Bible Study this morning, I took a picture of the small chapel now that it is all cleaned up with new flower beds.  Soon, the door and entrance will have fresh paint.Village Chapel is looking much better

We were all praising the Lord that Connie is out of the hospital and back leading our Bible study.  There were forty in attendance this morning enjoying the study by Dr. David Jeremiah, “Revealing the Mysteries of Heaven”100_0159

After Bible study, several ladies gather around the piano to sing favorite hymns as Jane Head played the piano.  That was fun!! 100_0161

While I was singing, Don went to visit the wife and the gentleman that gave his heart to the Lord last Friday.  Please pray for her as she revealed to Don, bitterness toward the Lord and said she was “just not ready, yet.”  Don left with his heart broken for her, but we are still praying and trusting that God will soften her heart.  Her husband sure would love to know for sure that he will see her again in heaven.

Joel and Linda invited us over to their park in Mission for lunch with them.  When we are out driving the streets, I keep looking for pretty pictures to take.  This water tower is the best I could do today.100_0163

I need to interject a picture of Joel (and Linda) here.  Notice Joel’s beautiful head of hair.100_0065

What a shock it was to see Joel when we got there today.  The story is that Linda gave him a haircut yesterday and forgot to put the correct tool on the clippers!!  Can you say, “military buzz?”100_0164

Joel is so sweet and wasn’t even upset.  In fact, he’s enjoying having short/no hair.  “It will grow back,” he says and he’s right.  I will enjoy taking pictures of that process over the next three months! 100_0165

On Joel and Linda’s blog, there is a great picture of Joel getting his hair cut.

Linda made her famous pulled pork burritos for lunch and we thoroughly enjoyed.  We played a couple of games of Zilch afterward and then enjoyed (don’t read this DeAnn) brownies and ice cream.  We enjoy being with Joel and Linda so much a appreciate so much their love and support for us.  Joel could tell that the visit Don made this morning really upset him, so he just stopped right then and prayed for that lady and for Don.  Thank you, again, Joel and Linda.  God is so good.

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LaVon Baker said...

Comment from Joel that I accidently deleted: "I do like the haircut but this is Tuesday and it is getting chilly outside so I have to wear my hooded sweatshirt:-)"