Thursday, January 20, 2011

Thursday at the Tip

I cherish the time that Don and I have together in God’s Word and in prayer and conversation every morning.  We love how God speaks to us from His Word.  We are liberated by how the Holy Spirit guides our steps… how He makes our steps, His steps.  For example:  This morning, Don completed Sunday’s Coming and after our devotional time and while he was getting dressed, I posted it online.  In the middle of that process, Don was ready and wanted to go visit a couple of people.  I was detained online by an instant message from a friend and Don waited patiently for me in his chair outside. 100_0339 When I was done, I grabbed my camera and we set out.  Our first stop, no one was home, so we left a card in her door and proceeded to our next stop, Ben and Nettie, a delightful couple from Canada.  We enjoyed a tour of their new park model that they custom built themselves… lovely.  As we were visiting, Ben’s phone rang and he dismissed himself to the other room to take the call.  It was sad news… Nettie’s sister had just died.  Nettie was visibly shaken and we listened to her as she entered the first stages of grief.   We were able to pray with them, which they were so appreciative of and then we left to allow them to make calls and do the things they needed to do.

The point is… God is in control and His timing is perfect. Had we gone earlier, we would probably have been gone when they received that call and we would not have gotten to pray for their family with them.

Another reason I was detained was due to my conversation with my cousin in west Texas.  My only living uncle, her dad, passed away Tuesday night and I was unsure of his spiritual status.  Imagine my joy when she assured me that her daddy had asked Jesus into his heart and life, receiving His gift of forgiveness and salvation…. he’s wasn’t afraid to die and was ready to go Home.  I will see him again!!!

OK, now I’ll go back and share the pictures I took today.

On the site next to us is a park wifi tower that was being maintained this morning.  This morning the wind had just changed from the north but it wasn’t blowing too bad here and I know that tech on top of that tower was glad.100_0341

Don’t worry… we haven’t traded rigs.  Just wanted to show you how long this Prevost is… it completely filled up the site and into the site behind.  Between the yellow lines is supposed to be left empty, but this rig is so long it couldn’t.  They were only here for a couple of days.  They left this morning.100_0342

Margaritas anyone?  What?  It’s 11:30 AM!  You know what they told me…. “It’s four o’clock somewhere.”  You would not believe how hard they tried to talk me into having a margarita.100_0343

On my walk with Donna this afternoon, she explained that a lady in the park is going to plant flowers in front of the sign that spell out T.O.T….  which stands for Tip O’ Texas.100_0344

Of course, we had to stop and chat with Shadrach again.  Owner Jack was taking down the big cage and we got to get up close and personal with Shadrach.100_0345

So close that he even gave me a kiss bit a plug out of my cheek!!!  Ouch!100_0346

I think Donna was afraid Shadrach was going to dot her eye.100_0347

Before going to choir practice, I stopped by the main hall to check out the Big Band Jam and a few dancers.100_0350 100_0348 100_0349

This evening we attend the Link Family Music concert in the main hall.  They were very good, very talented and very entertaining.100_0364100_0355100_0366100_0369

After the concert, we walked over to check on Keith and Carol.  Keith is now in a hospital bed in the living room of their park model.  A good friend, Jenny, was their helping Carol and will stay to allow Carol to get some rest.  Last night, Carilyn stayed with them and Carol was able to sleep for 5 hours.  Hospice has said he won’t live long.  It’s so sad to see him laying there so thin and weak.  It must be so hard on Carol.  Thank you for praying for this couple.  Keith is the man who was saved a few days ago.  Pray for us as we spend time with Carol in the coming days.

That wraps up our Thursday…. maybe.

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