Monday, January 3, 2011

Irma’s Sweet Shoppe

“I’ll hold the mic.  No.  I’ll hold the mic.  OK, we’ll hold it together.”  You know I am just having fun.  Clarence and Nancy were just singing “God Bless America” to end the MMM (Monday morning meeting).100_0050

After the MMM, Don and I drove over to Irma’s Sweet Shoppe for breakfast.  When I first saw this license plate across the room from our table, I read, “Rick N’ Earl.”  Upon closer inspection…. well, I read wrong.100_0070

Irma’s walls and ceiling are adorned with many antique items.100_0051 100_0053 100_0055 100_0057 100_0059 100_0060


100_0063 100_0066 100_0067 100_0068

Next, we needed to go to Sam’s Club.  Being the first of the month, it was crowded, but it wasn’t as crazy as before Christmas.

Did I report about the fireworks here on New Year’s even night?  At midnight, the fireworks were so non-stop, we thought we were in a war zone.  Afterwards, Don even dreamed he was back in Viet Nam.  Today we learned that a bullet actually came down through a park model roof here in the park.  Well, that’s reassuring.  Ha Ha Ha

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Joel and Linda said...

The Sweet Shoppe looks very interesting but I will have to ask what the license plate had on it because that was one picture that didn't download...Bummer...