Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Three days in a row!

Again, Donna and I walked around the park.  It’s a great idea and would be really good exercise if we didn’t stop to play with every doggie and chat with their owners.  Sadie was so happy to see us.  She had been helping Carilyn clean their flower bed.2011 Jan 19 out walking-1

Bubba wasn’t impressed with us. His ‘dad’ left this morning to go to Houston and it seems Bubba is not happy about being left behind.  100_0334

Joan is getting her ‘exercise,’ too. 100_0333

Immediately when we arrived at Shadrach’s home, he gave us a great wolf whistle.  We talked to him, repeating phrases I knew he knew, but he wasn’t in the mood for conversation.100_0336

I believe he would have walked down my arm if I had extended my hand to him.  Or maybe he would have just took a hunk out of my hand.  I need to do the research and see why his neck feathers are ruffled out.  100_0337

Sadie just loves it when people stop to visit. 100_0338

Dennis and Sally came over tonight for dinner and a little game of cards. Dinner was delicious.  Don knocked it out of the park again.  Card game was fun, but not that fun.  You guessed it, Ladies got drummed by the Gents.

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