Sunday, January 16, 2011

Kris Update: A Sweet Surprise

Dear Friends and Loved Ones!

Many have asked about Kris’s progress since George and I left San Antonio on December 28th to return to Florida.  I’m happy to say she continues to do okay, but she has ‘plateaued’ just a little bit.  That was to be expected, I’m afraid.  Russ is there after work and goes in on Wednesday for most of the day.  He and Joshua are there on Saturday as well, and I’m so thankful for all of that.

One new thing since we last updated you is that Kris is now able to go into the therapy pool: a huge swimming pool that lowers patients down in a special chair.  Well, Kris was evidently lowered down in the chair, but was soon able to float around on her back with her therapist’s help.  She’s an avid swimmer and was so anxious to get into that pool.  Thanks for the help of the therapy department, it’s another step forward for her and one she enjoys tremendously, I know.  I’ve attached a photo: Kris is waving as her therapist, Jamie, helps her along.Kris jan 2011 swimming

This will be a very short update because George and I will leave shortly for the Orlando airport.  It seems our oldest daughter, Diana, decided to make flight arrangements for she and I to fly out to San Antonio for the week.  Yep!  The day George and I left San Antonio, Diana knew it was really hard and just a terrible day for me.  She called in the afternoon and asked if we had anything planned the week of the 16th and, if not, how about flying to Texas together... her and I?  We weren’t planning anything, so she planned the whole trip.  She flies from Baltimore, I fly from Orlando, we meet in Atlanta and fly on to Texas together from there.  We even have seats together!  What a sweet surprise!!!  Kris knows I am coming but she doesn’t know Diana is coming.  Another sweet surprise!

So... there you have it.  Please do continue with prayers for Kris and ask for safe traveling for Diana and I.  We’ll return next Saturday, but that’s a whole week away and I don’t want to think about it now!!!

Blessings and many thanks for believing right along with us that God is so good!!!

Carol and George 

[By the time you read this, Carol will probably be in San Antonio as she is traveling today and will return to Florida next Saturday.]

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