Monday, January 10, 2011


Our friend, Mitch Moser, called the other day and told Don about changing his Verizon MiFi air card plan.  So, today, we stopped at a Verizon store and checked into the new plan.  Our current plan allowed us 5G of air time.  The new plan gives us 5G of air time for $10 less per month.  AND, if we happen to use more than 5G’s, the price per G has been reduced to $10/1G.  Which, essentially means that we can get 6G of air time, for what we are paying now instead of 5G.  This is important to us because it seems we run out of air space a few days before the new MiFi month starts.100_0218

Just thought you might not know this, if you are a Verizon MiFi customer.

Any questions?  Stop by your Verizon store.  The young man we talked to was very nice and very helpful.

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