Friday, January 14, 2011

Rare moisture in the RGV

Bible study this morning.

Laundry at mid-day.

While our laundry was washing, I walked around outside and took a few pictures.  The RGV was blessed with rain during the night and early this morning.  There’s a small well-tended garden across the street from the laundry room…100_0223 100_0224 100_0225 100_0226 100_0227

The rain has been so gentle it just sits on the leaves and…. 100_0229

Flowers. 100_0230 100_0231 100_0241 100_0243

Around the indoor pool…. 100_0246 100_0247 100_0253

It’s still cool enough outside for steam to rise from the hot pool and heated swimming pool. 100_0254 100_0255

Grand Gems

Call from from daughter Leslie 100_0630-2   relaying conversation with Camden in the car…

Camden, examining old overnight case that Leslie uses in photo sessions with children… the case has been in the family for awhile:  “Who’s is this, Mommy?”

Leslie:  “It belonged to Mama Trudy’s daddy, your great-great-grandfather.”

Camden:  “Where is he?”

Leslie:  “Well, he’s not here.  He died a long time ago.”

Camden, truly distressed: “But I didn’t get to meet him!”

Leslie, maintaining her composure:  “Neither did I, sweetie.”

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Graceful said...

LaVon, your pictures are gorgeous. It's so nice to see so much green and color in the midst of our Nebraska bleak!