Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Roses and Mermaids

The Truth Project.  Don and I previewed this study this morning.  It’s really good and we are praying about doing this study in the Q on a weekly basis with a few couples from the park.
As I reported (what? am i an anchor person?) yesterday, Keith Tiffany went home to be with the Lord.  His wife, Carol, came to visit us this morning to establish details for his memorial service to be held Sunday afternoon at 4:30 in the afternoon.  We are delighted that she wants to have the memorial service here and that she asked Don to officiate.
Don walked around and knocked on a couple of doors this morning, but no one was home.
At two o’clock, we walked up to the Hobby Room for a fish fry we had been invited to by our neighbors, Dick and Bonnie.  Dick does a LOT of fishing and they needed to get rid of them.  They did not have to twist Don’s arm.
On the way, we passed the rose garden. 
I could not resist.100_0431 100_0432
100_0436  100_0438
The Hibiscus bushes line the outside of the rose garden area. 100_0437
Lamp on the garden wall100_0440
Don is in hog heaven. And they even threw in BBQ ribs with the fried fish plate.100_0441
Cal and Billie were next to Don across the table from me.  I was just fascinated with them.  Cal is 88 years old and still farms 1,200 acres of farm land in South Dakota.  He raises wheat and soybeans, alone.  He has raised corn, but a corn crop would require him to stay up north longer than he wants to. There’s nothing on the farm that he doesn’t still do!  Cal and Billie (Adelia on her birth certificate) have been wintering in the RGV for over thirty years.  I regret that he has his eyes closed in this picture because there is quite the twinkle in them.  He and I could become buddies really quickly.  We found out that they live just across and down the street from us a few park models.  Don’t they look great?!100_0443
Carol Tiffany was invited to the ‘fish feast’ and she also sat with us.
From the feast, Don went back to the Q and I went to chorus practice.  I always have fun there.
From practice, which is one and a half hours, I wanted to check on the activity director, Sara.  I had to walk through the hall to get to Sara’s office.  The lady in the blue blouse was teaching dancing lessons to about ten couples.  100_0445
Sara.  She doesn’t do pictures.  Oh yow?  Sara resigned today after three years as the A.D. She will finish out this season.  On a lake in Missouri, next door to her son, she has a beautiful home waiting for her.  Sara does a great job here and she will be missed.100_0446
As I passed the outdoor pool on my way back to the Q, the Mermaids were practicing.100_0447
Carilyn Glass came by to confirm her plans.  She’s in charge of the park memorial service to be held Feb. 20th when there will be 36 deceased park residents who will be remembered and honored.  They have this memorial service every year.
Okay.  It’s 9:20 PM and Don just handed me a bowl of rainbow sherbet.  It’s a small bowl and only half full.  Snookie and DeAnn, you may now leave a comment.  I’m ready for it.  I can take it.


Anonymous said...

Love and miss you guys. This Saturday
is Cathy Montgomery's birthday and we would love to have you along to celebrate.
Sounds like God is using you two this winter.Love Ya,

joelfloto@yahoo.com said...

Do you think you still have trouble with reds???