Saturday, January 8, 2011

Red Hats

First Saturday of the month… Craft Sale Day at Tip O’ Texas.  Big crowd and lots of folks from outside the park.

The day started out kind of gray as far as the sky was concerned.  Riding my bike around, I saw that Jack had built Shadrach a “house” so the big falcons flying around here wouldn’t get him.Shadrach has a new home

As I was riding away, Shadrach gave me two really nice wolf whistles.  Made me smile. 100_0167

Choir director Jane, came by (on her bike) this morning for a visit.  I had to get a picture of her hip-hugger jeans.100_0172

This afternoon, I was invited to go to lunch with the Red Hatters.  Seven of us were in Eileen’s van.

Musa. (pronounced like the m~u in music)Musa

Newcomer to the park, Marilyn and myself. Now that’s a red hat.Marilyn (67) and LaVon (61)

Jeanette and Sharon. Jeanette and Sharon

Eileen and Midge.Eileen and Midge

After lunch we went to a play at The Tower Theater in the round in Weslaco.The Tower Theater

Carol and Lyla in the fancy red hats.  100_0182

Carilyn and JoAnn.100_0184


Jeanelle. 100_0186

I could not resist… waiting for the play to start.waiting for the play to start

The setting for the play, “Cheating Cheaters.”  The play was nothing like what I thought the title indicated it would be.the set

No.  I am not a Red Hatter and have no plans to become one even though I did enjoy the afternoon with the girls.

Don studied this afternoon while I was away.  Sunday is coming, if the Lord doesn’t come first.  See you in church in the morning.

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Joel and Linda said...

You look nice in the red hat. Finally got on long enough to look at your blog!