Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Tuesday ...

Short post to request prayer for my brother's recovery from surgery yesterday. After he got into surgery, it was discovered that an abdominal incision would be required, so he's been in some pain. Morphine is helping with that. He's also diabetic and must be monitored very closely. Jon will be in the hospital for the rest of the week.

Also, please pray for a really good friend in Norman, OK. Richard fell out of the back of his pickup yesterday and broke/shattered his tibia just below his knee. Ortho. specialist said today that he has life altering damage and will require surgery to be able to walk again. The kicker: no insurance. Richard is the pastor of the Norman Cowboy Church and recently purchased a saddle shop. He's facing 3 months of rehab after surgery and in 6 months will have to have ACL surgery on his knee... blew his ACL, also.

Leslie's mom-in-law, Billie, stopped by early this afternoon on her way back to Texas. She wanted to see our 5'er and she also brought us a package of Fanestil Hot Dogs, only sold in Kansas. They ARE GOOD.

Tonight, Don added chicken stock, one can of pinto beans, a little cumin, a little chili powder and polish sausage, chopped, to the left over crock pot meal he made yesterday. I cooked a pan of cornbread, from scratch, and we enjoyed hot "bean" soup on this cool evening. Delicious! Really delicious. Hope he will be able to duplicate it another time.

We thoroughly enjoyed a visit from Joel & Linda tonight. Sweet fellowship. Kathy stopped by on her way to the grocery store. I tried to give her my list, but she wasn't interested... oh, she invited me to go with her, but she doesn't understand my destest for grocery shopping. (Sorry Tammy... you didn't get that from me.) Kathy's a great gal... one I can joke with.

Several workampers have left already and probably others are planning to leave in a week or so. We will pull out on the 14th after church, head to Tulsa for three days, then to Norman for a week and on to Waco for another week before heading for WARMER Arizona.

We are so grateful to the LORD for the wonderful new friends we have met here.

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