Monday, December 22, 2008

Norman to Waco

It's wasn't as cold this morning as the weather guessers said it would be.  It was only 16degrees.

Praise God, Don was   feeling  much  better  this  morning. 

We got all hitched up and were on our way  by 10:30 AM.  I had to  get  a picture   of   our   two  5'ers  together... isn't   that  odd  to  you  that  we  would  see  our   old  house  back in  the  same  park  that  it  was  in  before  we  traded it?our old house and our new house at Sooner RV Park and that we   parked  right  behind  it!our old house and our new house at Sooner RV Park We  started  out  with  sun shine  and  lots   of  traffic. (Did I  tell you  that our   lap  top  crashed?  Only 18 months  old!   So... I  will have  to  post  this  from  memory  and   that's  not  so  good  all  the  time.   You  know  how  I  love  to  record  our  road  time  as  we   go.)we started out with sunshine You  know  me ....  got  to  get  pictures  along  the   way.   Tell  me  the  slightest  spark  wouldn't  send  this  pasture  up  in  flames.I-35 Oklahoma going south Even though  it's   dry,  it's  still  pretty  to  me.I-35 Oklahoma going south What  did  I  tell  you  about  the  slightest  spark???   We  saw  more  than  one  patch    like   this   while  we  were  still   in  Oklahoma.I-35 Oklahoma going south Christmas  Trees!!  Well, Cedars   were  the  kind  of  Christmas  Trees  we  had  when  I  was  a  kid.I-35 Oklahoma going south I-35 Oklahoma going south Cows  grazing  in a  bunch ...  it's  warmer  that  way.I-35 Oklahoma going south Turner  Falls  area  in  the  distance.I-35 Oklahoma going south Oh  my  goodness!!  Color!I-35 Oklahoma going south Pretty  good  picture  at 65mph,  huh?I-35 Oklahoma going south A  "going  down  the  road"  shot.I-35 Oklahoma going south Just  before  the  Turner  Falls  exit.  That's   small  mountain  covered  with  trees.I-35 Oklahoma going south The  Turner  Falls  water  tower  tank.I-35 Oklahoma going south Yes,  this  is  Oklahoma.  And we still have  traffic, but  where  did  the  sunshine  go?I-35 Oklahoma going south We're  climbing.I-35 Oklahoma going south Still  climbing.  Can  you  tell  that  I'm  having  fun  getting   to  know  my  camera?  (excuse  the   smudge  on  the  windshield)I-35 Oklahoma going south I  will  always  be  amazed  at  how  trees  can  grow  on  rocks.I-35 Oklahoma going south (I'm  amazed  that  this  isn't  blurry.)I-35 Oklahoma going south We  should  be  getting  a  strong  signal  on  our  cell  phones.  We're  actually  on  top  of  a  mountain.I-35 Oklahoma going south Going  back  down.  There's  a  small lake  in the  distance  that we  will pass  in a  few  minutes.I-35 Oklahoma going south Still  a  lot  of  traffic.I-35 Oklahoma going south Not  the  lake.I-35 Oklahoma going south Yep,  Gene  Autry  was  from  Oklahoma.  But  you   knew  that.I-35 Oklahoma going south Just  in  case  you  were  feeling  lost,  here's  a  bit  of  commercialism.I-35 Oklahoma going south  The  lake.I-35 Oklahoma going south The  name  of  this  lake  is  on  this  sign  on  the  left, but  I   can't  remember  what  it says.  (I told you)  Something  else  that  amazes   me....  how  the  water  in  the  lake  reflects  the  colors  of  the  sky.I-35 Oklahoma going south In  Ardmore,  we  stopped  at  the  Flying  J  to  eat  breakfast,  even  though  it  was  almost  noon.  See  the  Quantum.   We  found  the  RV  parking  area  in  front....  after  we  got  in  the  restaurant. at the Flying J Ardmore I-35 Oklahoma going south After  our  meal  and  while  we  were  filling  up  with  gas,  this  lady  comes  up  to  my window  and  says,  "Where  you  headed?"   Me:  "Arizona.  You?"  She replied:  "Mission, Texas."  Me:  "Yeah?  We   have  friends  in  Alamo.  They're  the   chaplains  there."  She:  "I   bet  we  know  them."  Me:  "The  Maloney's?"    She:  "YES!   We  know  them.  We're  the Gundersons."  Me:  "I  will  tell them  we  saw  you.  Merry  Christmas!!"   And  there go the  Gundersons.The Gunderson's Well,  only  a  few  miles  down  the  road,  I  was  looking  out  the  window  on  my  side  when  Don  said,  "Whoa,  Mr.  Gunderson!!"   I  looked  back  forward  just  in  time  to  see  Mr.  Gunderson  whip  back  into  his  lane  after  very  narrowly  missing  an  eighteen  wheeler  that  was  passing  them.  Thank  the  LORD!  That  could  have  been  really  bad.   Well,  needless   to  say,  we  never  passed  the  Gundersons.  :-)  And  we  pray  they  make  it  to  their  destination.

More  south  Oklahoma  scenery.I-35 Oklahoma going south The  RED  RIVER  has  a  little  water  flowing.  Why   do  I  not  remember  ever  seeing  that  railroad  trestle?I-35 the Red River Good-bye  Oklahoma.I-35 Texas going south Geez,  it's  greener  in Texas.I-35 Texas going south The  Texas  Motor  Speedway.  Not  much  going  on  here  today.I-35 Texas going south--Texas Raceway Almost  2:00  PM  and we  see  Fort Worth.I-35 Texas going south--Fort Worth I-35 Texas going south--Fort Worth An  oil  rig  going  in  right  in  town.I-35 Texas going south--Fort Worth The  Trinity  River.100_0739 Downtown Fort  Worth  from  the  Trinity  River.I-35 Texas going south--Fort WorthWe  got  through  Fort  Worth  without  any  delay.  Good  time  of  the day  to  go   through    the  city.  I  wonder  if  this  rail  road  track  is  still  being  used?100_0741   Another  Savannah!  But   not  our  old  one.  Now  that  would  have  been  TOO  weird.100_0742 More  winter  grass  fields.100_0743 We're  almost  to  our  destination!100_0744 100_0746 By  4:30 PM, we're  parked and  set up.  100_0747Really  nice  patio  area  right  out  our  door.100_0749 100_0748  And  trees!100_0750 100_0751 This  will be  home  for  a  week!100_0752 NOW,  it's  time  to  go  see  our  Waco  grandkids!

(Hope  you  enjoyed  our  trip  from  Norman  to  Waco!)

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