Saturday, December 6, 2008

Random catch-up

When I say random, I mean really random. Since I haven't posted in a few days this will "catch me up." (that's prolly not proper grammer, uh?):-)

When we were in Branson this past summer, I bought a 9.5" coated cast aluminum pan to cook cornbread in in our convection oven.  (where did we get that ruler??)

9.5 We are finding more and more uses for this handy pan.  Besides baking brownies in it, Don made sausage cheese omelet wedges in our handy wedge pan Tuesday morning in the convection oven.Don made sausage omelet wedges.. yum They were perfect.  He likes salsa with his.sausage omelet wedges w/ salsa (Don) He's been in a cooking mood.  Remember the pork chop crop pot dinner he made Monday night?  Well, here's the pot of bean/polish sausage soup I told you about.  With hot buttered cornbread (made in the wedge pan), this was so good! bean soup from pork chop crop pot dinner Wednesday, we met new friends, Kathy and Tom Burge at the Calico Cafe in Independence for lunch.  Love the quilt art that's hanging on the walls.wall art at Calico Cafe, Independence, KS The Calico Cafe serves a hot buffet meal every day or you can order off the menu.wall art at Calico Cafe, Independence, KS After lunch, Don and I had the most pleasant laundry experience we had since we've been here.  We found the Tidy Whitey's Laundromat!!  Look at this!Tidy Whitey's in Indy, KS .. so clean Clean, shiny floors.Tidy Whitey's in Indy, KS .. so clean Any size washer you might need.Tidy Whitey's in Indy, KS .. so clean Three sizes of dryers.Tidy Whitey's in Indy, KS .. so clean Don's playing with the new camera.Tidy Whitey's in Indy, KS .. so clean It's pretty hard to do laundry and keep up with a 2 1/2 year old (who was everywhere) at the same time.  We made friends with DaShaun.. he even "helped" another lady with her laundry.DaShaun runs free in Tidy Whitey's Well, obviously, this is a new laundromat, but they have a full time attendant there to keep it clean and monitor things.  Another different twist:  you purchase a card and use the card to start the washers and dryers. High tech laundry.  Wish we had found this when we first got here.Tidy Whitey's in Indy, KS .. so clean Scenery on the way back to Coffeyville on a cloudy, very windy Wednesday.100_0304 Nice shot.100_0310 Verdigris River in Coffeyville.Virdigris River, Coffeyville, KS Thursday night, Don made chicken & pasta soup.  It's the best. We love hot soup on cold days.Don's homemade chicken pasta soup with LaVon's cornbread wedges 

Also, on Thursday, Don met with the local Ministerial Alliance.  He was very impressed with this organization as almost every church in town participated and it was very organized with each person and committee knowing exactly what they were doing.  While he was there, a $3,000 check was written for appliances for four families who are now getting into homes since the 2007 flood.  Before Don spoke, a young lady from the crisis pregnancy center spoke.  By the time Don spoke, he already had a feel for the dynamics of this community.  Even though they do not have a free clinic yet, there is much interest and he encouraged them to be a part of the free clinic that is available in Independence or get one started here in Coffeyville, offering anything that CRM Int'l can do to help them.  There is at least one Christian doctor who has already volunteered his services to the crisis pregnancy center, and we know there are others.

Friday was our 'highlight" day as we passed out paychecks.  Mauvis made me this beautiful necklace and gave it to me when she picked up her check.  She's such a dear lady and what a worker for  Never complains.  She's almost 10 years my senior and she could work circles around me, I'm from Mauvis Slaughter, Coffeyville 

Diane Creasey's family has honored the St. Nicholas Days tradition for a long time, so she brought us sweet treats made of marshmallows when she picked up their checks. Diane is a delightful bundle of joy and we love it when she comes to see us.Dec. 5 St. Nick gift from Diane Creasey

Now it's Saturday and we are having water woes.  Every hose we have has suddenly sprung a leak, including the faucet (park issue).  It's not the freezing weather at night either; Don has drained the hoses each night when he turns off the water.  So, he's off to find a new water hose.  Counting it all joy.  I know he'll be smiling when he gets back. (???) [insert big goofy grin here]  God bless him.

He's hungry for beef stew, so there's a crock pot full on the counter filling the Quantum with delicious aroma. I know, your asking, "What does LaVon do?"  Well, duh!  I BLOG!! (and there is documented evidence that I do laundry, thank you very much.)(and I do dishes and vacuum, too.)(and I make really good cornbread! Just ask Don.) We're an awesome TEAM!

(Hey, the Quinn's should have a Quantum!!  [insert another big goof grin here])

Enjoy !!

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Wendy and Rick Fury said...

We all know that you do what you do best. Picture taking, blogging, cornbread baking, and keeping Don in line. LOL!!! Pretty necklace! Hope you both are keeping warm and have a very Merry Christmas! Love you guys.