Wednesday, December 10, 2008

GoodSearch : Support your favorite charity or school....


That's right. Now, if you use GoodSearch search engine, instead of others such as Google, and designate CRM Int'l as your charity, each search will generate approximately $.01 for CRM.  The GoodSearch FAQ page will answer any question you might have.

You will find the CRM/GoodSearch link in the menu on the right.  We would greatly appreciate your participation in this great way to raise funds for our ministry.

Not only will your searches contribute to CRM, but there is a GoodShop link on the GoodSearch page, at the bottom, that has many well known online stores (Wal-Mart, Amazon, Overstock, etc.) where we all do a lot of our shopping anyway.  When you use GoodShop when making your online purchases, the store gives a percentage to CRM from your purchase?

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