Monday, December 1, 2008

Monday sweetness

Don had a meeting with Pastor Morris this morning regarding the meeting with the local ministerial alliance and introducing them to the free clinic concept.  That meeting will be Thursday.

Did you know that you can buy Communion sets individually packaged?  We didn't either! until Pastor Morris told Don about them and where to get them.  So I called Parsons' Mustard Seed Christian Store and ordered a box of 60 and then called Leslie to stop by and pick them up for us.  They are perfect for our type of ministry.  Great for folks in the hospital who might want to take the Lord's Supper, etc.  The "wine" is in a little plastic cup with a cover like a jam package in a restaurant. The "bread" is a small wafer that is then sealed on top of the "wine" cup.  What a novel ideal!  We're pumped.  Next Sunday is Communion Sunday for us here at the park.  Several have asked that we observe the Lord's Supper together before we part ways.  Sweet!

Leslie, Khalil, Emma and Camden stopped by today on their way back home.  Of course I got more pictures... have you met me? 

When they arrived, both kids were asleep in their car seats.  Emma woke up happy.  Camden did not appreciate his nap being interrupted, again.  He's had such a fun weekend and he was exhausted.  Poor little guy.100_0273 100_0277

Leslie took this one of the Princess and Nonna. I really can hardly believe she is five.  Sweet.Nonna & Emma

Camden finally got happy. LOVE this sweet face. (Wonder how I can remove the date from his chin?)[thanks Les! i still don't know how you did... photo suite?]

sweet camden As they were leaving they got to see Anita with her three greyhounds out walking. Anita Bligh and her trio[Update:  it's 10:00 PM and I just got a text message from Leslie.  They're home.  Thank you, Jesus.]

Don made a delicious crock pot dinner today.  Spray crock pot with Pam. Two sliced carrots in the bottom. Next one can of oven roasted tomatoes; one can of navy beans, drained; two 1" thick pork chops, seasoned; one can of undiluted cream of potato soup on top.  Cover and cook on high until done.  It was yummy... a keeper and so easy.  We will have this again.  (Thanks Sandra Lee!)  Sweet!


Leslie said...

love seeing the pics of my precious kiddos on your blog. you can set your camera to not have the date stamp on it, you know?

Mrs. Monty said...

I believe that Grandma and Granddaughter have a lot of the same looks!! She is a doll. You know I love all Emma's....great pictures of both of your sweet ones. Take care.

Jan and Tom's Place said...

Thanks for the visit today and info about the Governor's Mansion!

Love the recipe!