Friday, December 19, 2008

Combined birthday party

Blaine's birthday is Dec. 22 and Lydia's birthday is Jan. 13, but their birthday party was tonight!

Lydia had the neat idea of everyone making their own pizza as in picking the toppings.  LaNae put them in the oven to cook.

The girls: Carsen, Haley, Lydia & Makyla.

Carsen, Haley, Lydia, Makyla The girls got to build their pizzas first. The boys in attendance were Ethan, Andrew, Michael, Timothy, Conner, Aiden, Orrey.  I was never able to get all the boys in one picture, but here's Blaine, Michael, Timothy, & Aiden.Blaine, Michael, Timothy, Orrey Every Christmas, Lydia's collection of Snowdens come out. This collection was started with her first Christmas in 1998 when she was born, by her Aunt Leslie. (I love them.)Lydia's collection of Snowdens The kids all brought a wrapped Christmas ornament for the ornament exchange.  Here's Conner opening his ornament.Conner Rocket can't decide which one to pick.Blaine Lydia chose hers.Lydia - ornament exchangeEthan chooses his ornament. Ethan Time to sing "Happy Birthday" to Lydia and Blaine.candle timeMake a wish... blow out the candles. Lydia is reading the card we gave her. The Snowman Webkin was a hit!  She named him "Carrot."Snowman webkin Blaine likes the green stuff very much as Orrey looks on.he likes the $$ It was a Star Wars birthday for Rocket.  Aiden is helping. It was so cute birthday card from Aidenlistening to Rocket read the card that Aiden made him. 

The birthday party was a big hit. But there was some excitement when Lydia tripped over something and fell into the window in her room, hands first.  We all heard glass hitting the porch outside and jumped up.  We could hardly believe that she did not get cut.  I would have taken a picture of the window, but things were a little tense for a while until the whole story was learned.

As for the rest of the day.  Don stayed home to rest.  I took Mama to Wal-Mart where she stocked up on groceries, etc.  She purchased perfume.  Hmmmm.  Wonder what she's up to when we're not here?  {insert goofy grin} My Mama is all girly-girl. {insert heavy sigh} More genes I missed. Got to love that little lady.scan0001 2

Christmas is five days away!  Are you ready?  Hope you have considered someone less fortunate than yourself. Hope you carry that love and compassion with you into the new year.  Remember the story of the new shoes and firewood?

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Tammy said...

So cool to see all those kiddos enjoying each other and celebrating life! Tell Nae that I love the red in her house!! My favorite...
And the photo of Mama Trudy is beautiful ... yes, all Girly-Girl!!