Thursday, December 18, 2008

Laundry, Quilts & Fog

Bright and early I bounded off to Around 9:00 AM this cloudy, foggy morning, I drove to Walgreen's to get Don some medication for the miserable cold he has. Then gathered up the laundry and we headed over to Mama Trudy's.

She's doing pretty good...  blood pressure in the normal range for her and fewer dizzy spells.  Praise the Lord.

She showed me a few of her quilt projects.  This is what she calls her "sampler" quilt top. There's not one single square alike.  I think it is beautiful. 100_0526 100_0527 This is a throw she's making our of fleece & flannel random pieces.100_0535 Here's a denim throw that she's finished. 100_0544 Her next project may be flower applique squares pieced together in whatever fashion she designs.100_0537 100_0538 100_0539 100_0540 100_0541 100_0542Mama Trudy does such beautiful work. I don't know how many quilt tops she has made, but it's a bunch and she's already given away a lot to family and friends.

Don & I went to mail a package for Mama and it was really foggy. Clifford had to navigate.100_0545 Guess what university is in this town?  Boomer Sooner!100_0548 When Lydia and Blaine got out of school LaNae brought them over to the Quantum to see us. We also got to see Ginger for the first time and she promptly pooped in the floor the first time we weren't paying any attention to her.100_0553 She's a Daschund and Min-Pin mix. Isn't that a cute face?100_0559 You know, you just have to let all that craziness loose after being cooped up in school all day long. Ginger seems a little concerned about Lydia.  Of course, the brownies I shared with them probably contributed.  100_0554 LaNae announced that she made two B's and one A this past semester.  Way to go, Chica!! She's now waiting to find out if she's been accepted into the OU School of Nursing.  100_0551 Why does the flash make peoples' eyes red and dogs' eyes green?100_0560 We watched a Christmas CD that Mike created of their family to record their year in pictures.  It's really cool with Christmas music and everything.

After the kids left, I went back over to Mama Trudy's to finish the laundry and play Mexican Train with her.  She won.  Actually, we didn't finish the game as I wanted to get back home with Don's hamburger and strawberry milkshake.  Is that good-cold-fighting-food?

Tomorrow night is the combined birthday party for Blaine & Lydia. I'm sure praying Don feels better in the morning and good enough to go to their party.

Blessings to all from Norman, Oklahoma.


Tammy said...

My dear Auntie--I'm so glad you made it safe and sound to Norman. And I'm glad you've been with Mama Trudy. I always imagine my spirit there with you all and long for the day that I will be there in person.
The puppy is cute, the grandkids are cute, but the thing that caught my eye was the denim quilt that Mama Trudy is making! I just asked Ben tonight what he would like on his bed besides what he already has and he said, "Oh, I don't know, but just something denim."
Now you know why that caught my eye!!
Love you guys and wish we could be with you this holiday season. We'll be thinking of you!!

LaVon Baker said...

Tammy, doesn't that one just scream "boy"!?! Tell Ben to get his order in and send old blue jean scraps.