Saturday, December 20, 2008

Family time is the best!

We sure are purchasing a lot of propane and another cold front blew in this morning.  Wind chill will be close to zero in the morning, Sunday.

Don felt better this morning, so we traveled over to Blanchard for lunch with sister, Debby, her hubby Steve and Don and Debby's mom.  It was a holiday feast of ham, scalloped new potatoes, dressing (special recipe that we will be trying again), broccoli-cauliflower-cheddar cheese salad, candied yams, yeast rolls, pecan (Don's happy) and pumpkin (Don's- mom-loves-him-very-much) pie.  I got a picture of the feast before we started digging into it. Debby, the lovely hostess, Steve, the patient host, Don, the ornery brother, and Mom's back.Debbie & Mom prepared a feast Mom, the pie maker-baker... no pun intended. :-)Mom & Debbie Meet Primus, who has never really had anything to do with me, but when I sat down in this spot after lunch, Primus snuggled down next to me with his head in my lap and presented his chin and neck for caressing.  Cats are so weird.Primus, Debbi's catThe guys patiently waiting for the "Let's eat!" announcement.  Steve is a retired OKC fireman and will play golf any time, any place, with anyone.Debbie's Steve & Don The trailer-port is almost finished and ready for Mom's travel trailer.the trailer-port for Mom's house After the wonderful meal and a nice visit with Debby, Steve and Mom, Don was getting tired and fading fast and could hear his recliner calling his name.

There were a few more errands I needed to run for Mama Trudy and my first stop was at LaNae's.  Mike attached a board to the open window and they were waiting for the glass man to show up when I left.the window that Lydia fell into

When I got to Mama Trudy's, she was making cookies!  Yum!100_0631 Do you know how much fun it is taking pictures of a ninety-year-old-great-grandmother who poses?  She's only 90 in years, but not in her mind. If you can't see the love of the Lord in this smile, you're blind.Mama Trudy Can't believe she's 90, can you?  She's never been more beautiful to me.  No make-up here, folks.Mama Trudy Yes, I was smiling when I left.  It's contagious!

Don was feeling a little better when I got back to the Quantum.  He keeps saying he's just two days from being back to normal.

snowmans baby pic

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