Monday, December 22, 2008

Monday night with Pook & Diesel

We rang the door bell and from the other side we heard Pook's sweet voice,

"They're here!!!"Emma, age 5 Shortly after we arrived, she disappeared for a few minutes and returned with her leotard on to show me some dance moves. (no, she's not taking dance lessons.)Emma, age 5 Emma, age 5 Oops, Diesel saw the camera. I was trying to get a picture of him with his Santa hat on, but he pulled it off before I could. Camden, age 2According to the charts, he should reach 6'4" in his 18th year.  He's already almost as big as his sister who is three years older.cheeeese - Camden, age 2 More performing. I mean, she really gets into it.  Déjà vu.Emma, singing & dancing Camden stopped for a few seconds for Poppa Doppy to 'read' a book to him.Poppa Doppy reading to CamdenLeslie made a delicious pot of tortilla soup and cornbread for dinner.  We do love our soups.

Pook went to bed at 9:00 and we have a curfew at this park of 10:00 PM, so we came home so we wouldn't get locked out of the park.  Otherwise, we would have to park outside the park and walk to our 5'er. It's too cold to be walking at night!

Three Two & one-half more days 'til Christmas!


Mrs. Monty said...

Caught up with your blog today. Sounds like you guys are moving on!! Glad you had a good trip to Texas. Enjoyed all your pictures. We are leaving for Florida on Saturday if the weather cooperates. Have a Merry Christmas and enjoy your grandchildren. Travel safe.

Wendy and Rick Fury said...

So glad to see that you are having so much fun with the kids and grandkids. Keep warm and have a very Merry Christmas and a very safe travel to AZ.

Anonymous said...

Nice pictures but you think you have cold we will trade you'

On Sunday in Cedar Rapids Iowa the HIGH was -5,, but now we are in the Quad-Cities and todays high was 29.. We have had good visits with friends and My family and moving on to IOwa City tomorrow to visit with JUdys Boys

LaVon Baker said...

After hearing John & Judy's blight and reading Sharon's blog, you're right, we don't have it cold.:-)

LaVon Baker said...
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Joanne Kennedy said...

Now those are two darling little ones! So cute. Both look so happy to have you two there with them.

Have a wonderful Christmas and happy to hear you are joining in the A BETTER ME group.