Thursday, September 11, 2008

Thursday Road Tripping and Jehovah

***Update*** Arrived in Norman about 4:00 p.m.  Thank you, Lord.***

Eight o'clock this morning found us in the pickup driving out of Branson.  Destination:  Norman, Oklahoma.

As I write, it is 1:23 p.m. and we have just left Johnnie's Hamburgers in Tulsa, where we had lunch with Stephanie and Rick. 

It has been raining on us for about three hours, but we are finally out of the rain, at least for the moment.  It's still very cloudy and looks like rain.

Our plan is to spend the night back here in Tulsa with Stephanie next Monday on our way back to Branson.  I have to have these stitches out next Tuesday.

Last night at Bible Study, we studied the name of God: Jehovah .... I AM ... was, is and always will be .... the self-existent One.

In Exodus 3, we learned that Jehovah showed up for a visit with Moses through a burning bush that was not consumed. 

I encourage you to do a study of Exodus 3.

Here are some thoughts that I had, random though they are:

v 1-4 God calls to Moses from the burning bush, establishing the presence and power of Jehovah.  Moses answers, "Here I am."  Our first thought would be to hide our face when we heard God's voice, but as I thought about it, Moses has been hiding out in the wilderness for forty years praying for God to deliver His people from the Egyptians, therefore, he I immediately said, "Here I am!"  Probably thinking "Finally, You are answering my prayers I've been praying out here for forty years!  You bet, I hear You, and I'm here, listening.  Show yourself mighty and save Your people. Reach Your strong arm down and lift them out of bondage" (my paraphrase)

v 5-6 And God said, "Whoa! (more paraphrasing) Take off your sandals for you are standing on holy ground."  Now, Moses hides his face and is afraid.

Don asked the question, "What makes it Holy Ground?"  Answer:  "God's presence."  In that case, am I standing on Holy Ground?  Are you?

v.7-10  Yes, Jehovah has arrived to deliver His people, but wait a minute... He wants to use Moses to deliver them.  God has used this method of salvation for the world all through the ages:  using His people to tell, teach and lead others.  Wow.

v.11-14  And just like so many of us, Moses protested and begin to offer excuses: "I can't."  "Why me?"  "I'm inadequate."  To which God, reminded Moses what to tell the Israelites: I AM with you and tell them I AM sent you to them for deliverance.

Jehovah calls us today, like Moses, and He never tells us to go anywhere or do anything alone... He's always with us and the ground we walk on in His will, because Jesus Christ lives within us, is Holy Ground.  If that doesn't affect my attitude & actions moment by moment, I need to do some soul searching and repenting of sin.

Praise be to Jehovah.

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