Sunday, September 14, 2008

Sunday at Macomb Baptist Church

After a night of up and down because of acid reflux, Don finally went to sleep early this morning.  When he awoke, I asked him if he wanted some cheesecake for breakfast.  Can you believe he gave me a dirty look?

We worshipped with our wonderful friends at Macomb Baptist Church.  It's always so good to go back there and see them.  Here's Don with worship leader, Frank Boydstun.  You would never know that he lost one side of his vocal cord to cancer several years ago. 100_7833Meet a beautiful lady, Ms. Jean Reimer, the person who has been at Macomb Baptist Church the longest.  I really had to twist her arm to get a picture of her with Don.  NOT!!  We truly love this dear lady.  Not only did she lead a Bible Study each Tuesday morning, but she would always go with us on visitation while Don was pastor there..100_7834

When we got back, Mama had fixed a light lunch of tuna salad and green beans.

Next... duh... nap.

At 4:00 PM, Macomb Baptist Church had their Constituting Service which moves them from being a McCloud First Baptist Church mission church to a 'stand alone' church.  It was an exciting day and the building was full.100_7836

Don wasn't feeling his best, so we didn't stay for the reception.  If anyone from Macomb reads this, we apologize, but we know that you understand and love us anyway.  We were so blessed by how you received us.

By now, Don's right shoulder has also realized what he's sleeping on, so we stopped at CVS on the way back to Mama's to get that Aleve he needed.

Mama was gone to church when we got back so we had sandwiches for dinner.   Wonderful folks from her church pick her up when she feels like going to church.  They also share fresh veggies from their garden.  What a blessing they are to her.

Last night on the air mattress.

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