Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Backstage Ministries

Well, it's still raining here.  Gustav is coming through Branson.

Yesterday, Don and I visited Larry Wilhite, General Manager of The Mansion Theatre where The Promise is performed.  Larry  first came to Branson from Noble and Norman, Oklahoma, as part of a singing group.  The LORD called Larry to ministering the Good News to and meeting the needs of the entertainment community here and Larry answered that call with Backstage Ministries

We had a wonderful visit as we explored the many ways that CRM/Helping Hands free clinic and Backstage Ministries could benefit even more people, reaching them with the Gospel and providing for their health needs.

God has blessed Larry with the opportunity to reach even more of the entertainment industry by giving him access to a recording studio that is second to none... state of the art, located in The Mansion Theatre.  Larry's key vision, regarding the studio, is to provide an affordable way for gifted musicians who are in the ministry of taking Jesus to the world, by their music and testimonies, via the recorded compact disc of highest quality.

Click >here< to read a really good article about Larry and how he followed the call of God on his life. 

And, incidentally, if you don't think God call has a calling/plan/ministry for your life.... well, you are just not listening to God.  The thing that makes Larry unique is:  he heard, he listened and he put his faith into action.

God bless you, Larry Wilhite and God bless Backstage Ministries.

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Queen of the Office said...

Hi you two - we are finally coming to Branson this weekend!! We hope you will be around town so we can see you!