Thursday, September 18, 2008

Got it!

We acquired a copy of the newspaper that has the article regarding the Free Medical Clinic of the Ozarks.  As was our desire, FMCO now has a life of it's own as evidenced in the fact that CRM (Christian Resort Ministries, Intl.) is not mentioned until the end of the article.  God is so good.... All the time.

A free side story to the article is about the writer, Jann Clark.  Dr. Moore said, "As I was telling her about the free clinic, she was taking notes and recording me when I noticed that once in awhile she would wipe her eyes until I stopped and asked her if she was alright."  Ms. Clark then replied, "This is for me.  This clinic is for me.  I'm working two jobs to makes ends meet, I can't afford insurance and I have medical needs.  This is for me."  Dr. Moore said at that point, he almost cried, as well.  Friends, this is what this ministry is all about...  Meeting the needs of people through the love of Jesus Christ. scan0002

By Jann Clark - Staff Writer

With the Lord as their guide, doctors and nurses have come together in Branson to provide free medical care and free medication to the working uninsured.

In an unprecedented effort to provide quality medical care to the working class who don't have access to medical insurance, more than a dozen physicians and 35 nurses have volunteered to commit to the faith-based project.

The Free Medical Clinic of the Ozarks (FMCO) is a non-denominational church-based non-profit organization whose mission is to provide quality health care services to meet the physical needs of the uninsured and the under-insured in Branson and the surrounding area.

Along with quality medical care, FMCO will also provide Christian witness by presenting the Gospel message of Jesus Christ.

In FMCO's mission statement, each person affiliated with FMCO believes and practices these truths from the Bible:  'The Authority and inerrancy of Scripture; The God head:  The Father, Son and Holy Spirit; The full deity and humanity of Christ; and Salvation by faith alone in Christ alone.'

Dr. John Moore, director of the wound clinic for Skaggs Community Health Center, said the target patient will be the working  uninsured.

Moore said FMCO is in it for the long term and will be providing free health care and medication for long-term illnesses like diabetes.

"We believe that those who come for treatment and who don't know the Lord will receive something eternal for it,"  Moore said, "And for those who know Christ, we want to pray with them and encourage them... The healing ministry of Jesus is what we're to be about."

"Patients who come to the clinic won't receive a lecture, they won't receive a sermon, they'll receive the love and compassion of Jesus Christ."

Healthcare will be offered to those with no Medicare, Medicaid or other insurance plans and that qualify under the 2008 HHS Poverty Guidelines.

Each patient must fill out an eligibility questionnaire and call for an appointment.  No walk-ins will be taken.

Patients will receive Christian counseling and Christian reading material by trained and licensed chaplains as well as health related educational material.

Moore, who is also an ordained pastor, said God has put the people together.

"A year ago, this became my hearts desire and need.  It's a passion for me," he said.

Moore is joined by a long line of professionals who make up the FMCO Board:  Richard McCool, Jerry Lilley, Linda Clavin, Rick Beasley, Don Brezavar and Terry Lansdale.

Moore is the FMCO medical director, Sandi Zehnder is office director and Ed Williams is the executive director.

The discussion about the new clinic began about a year ago with a group of pastors who came together, pastors who saw the need.

The doctors and nurses will volunteer one night per week in the beginning, but as the months go by, Moore said he believes it will branch into a full time clinic with the support of the Lord and the community.

"We're going to provide medical care under the umbrella of the healing ministry of Jesus Christ," the doctor said.  "We're non-denominational and will be administering medical care to those who can't afford it.  As God opens more doors, we'll be open every night."

Moore said the free clinic has been modeled after at least seven faith-based free clinics operating successfully in Oklahoma and those professionals have been assisting with the development of FMCO in Branson.

Moore said he's not worried about the funding - it will come - when the community catches the vision.

And as for the free medication, Moore said pharmaceutical companies do assist with free drugs and there are grants available to help wit the costs.

FMCO plans to pen in late October or early November and will be located in the former Covenant Life Church Building on North 3rd Street.

Skaggs Community Health Center will also be donating services to FMCO.

"Christ has called us to minister to our brothers and sisters,"  Moore said.  "The praise goes to God.  He's the one who has directed us."

To volunteer at the clinic, call 417-779-0623 or email .

Tax-deductible contributions can be made to :  Life Borders International dba FMCO, 118 North 3rd St., P. O. Box 1167, Branson, MO 65616-1167.

Life Borders International is a division of CRM International, which was incorporated as a religious not-for-profit organization in 2002.

Since its conception, CRM has grown from a single focus organization to a multi-focused organization.

Volunteers work in each division giving of their time and talents.  More than 12,800 hours were donated by ordained and endorsed pastoral care personnel in 2007.

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