Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Post training, Pre traveling

Prayer request from Melvin & Vi Woods (Quail Run) --

Have a safe trip. We sure do miss you two. I found out today that my brother, Pete Strickland, has a very aggressive cancer in his colon. Please pray for him and his wife Jean. Pete has been a minister for about 20 years. He told my sister that he was at peace with his eventual outcome. The doctors told him that surgery was not an option. Test results to let them know how they will treat the cancer will be available Monday, the 29th. We visited with him Tuesday and he is very up beat and says he feels good.

I know that all prayers for Pete and Jean will be appreciated.  God is still in the business of answering prayers and He is still Jehovah Rapha, the God who heals.

We just love getting emails from our friends.  Snookie & Bob are in Dolores, Colorado... fishing and relaxing.  Ray & Linda in Kerrville, Texas, having a woodburning high old time.  This is Linda's creation for today.003 Tom & Sharon Peterson have decided to stay in the snow at home in Oregon this winter.  I suspect that she can't stand to leave her new horse, Billy.  Huh, Sharon?  Mel & Vi Woods will be in the Smokey Mountains/ Hendersonville, N.C. for about a month reveling in the beauty of the turning leaves.  Joyce Cooley writes: 

"Just wanted you to know we had a safe trip to San Antonio. The trip was rather had on Mom but she is resting a lot now. Just hope she starts eating better.
We arrived on Saturday a.m. and had a lot of help setting up. The managers here are wonderful and also the workampers that I already know. I started work today 11:30 to 5:30, 4 days a week. May change some next week but it is good hours. I can see to mom before going to work. I can also check on her in afternoon if I need to.  Thanks for all of your prayers and keep in touch."

Darlene and Dave Sutton are getting itchy feet, too, and will soon be heading south to Florida around the middle of October.

We sure do miss all you wonderful friends and love hearing from all of you.

We have had a glorious day today.  The chaplaincy class we have been in with FMCO volunteers and other RV chaplains has just been such a blessing.  We are so appreciative of Dennis Maloney, Will Bearden and Dr. Dan Griffin for their leadership and instruction.  Here's Dr. Dan (that's Doctor of Theology) during a break. (oh my, he looks a tad like Ed Asner in this picture, but not at all in reality... none!) Ed Asner

 Ed Asner-4.jpgDr Dan Griffin 

Dr. John Moore (surgeon) and his beautiful bride, Cathy.100_7891 Once again, thank you to Dr. Moore.  He removed seven more cysts from my knotty head, this afternoon when we finished class.  Five were in one area clustered together and the other two were in another area.  We're done for now.  We can never thank Dr. Moore enough.  We leave FMCO (Free Medical Clinic of the Ozarks) in the most capable hands of Dr. Moore and the whole volunteer team.  They all love the LORD so much and have made themselves readily available to do His work here in this area or anywhere He sends them, for that matter. 

100_7882Don Brezavar is a local pastor who is also serving on the board of FMCO as one of the directors.





OK, the anesthesia is wearing off.  I'm going to make my way to the couch.

Thank you for praying for us as we travel tomorrow.  Will post when we get set up... as soon as I can.

Love, hugs and blessings to all.

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