Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Last day of class...

One more day of chaplaincy training and tomorrow we wagonpull out for our new adventure, Coffeyville, Kansas and the Christmas rush. We feel like pioneers.  Someone wise told me yesterday that some folks are settlers and some are pioneers.  I guess all of us RV'ers are pioneers, huh?

Roberty-Bob and Barb Ruesch are here!  We will get to spend today with them in class.  I should say, "The class clown is here!"  It should be a fun day.

Ray and Linda Poyer are in Kerrville, Texas, at a woodcarving "convention."  Those two are soooo talented.  Look what Linda has created. 018 And Ray is doing caricatures, for crying out loud! (that sounded like Linda, didn't it? :-))  Aren't these fun!?!  021 OK... blessings to all.  Will post again when I can.  I do have pictures of folks that I've taken this week and will post them later.

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