Sunday, September 28, 2008

Seeing an old "friend"

A quick post to say that we are now proud non-owners of a empty storage unit that was draining our bank account every month.  We got everything moved to our new little 8'x8' storage building... with the help of Don's sister, Debby.  Thanks a million, Deb!

Something happened to us today that few rarely experience in just such a fashion.  Remember, we're in Norman this weekend and we were driving down the street going to church this morning.  As we passed Sooner Mobile Home and RV park, I glanced over and saw a 5th wheel with Savannah written across the front.  "Uh, Don, doesn't that look like our old house?"  Don:  "It IS our old house!" 

After lunch we drove back by the RV park, which BTW, was where we were parked when we traded it in for the Quantum we now live in... anyway, we drove in just to make sure and there were the few remaining letters that Don didn't get taken off.  If you ever saw our 5'er, you will remember the black block stick-on letters that said: "CHAPLAIN DON/LAVON BAKER."  Now, it only says: "PLAIN."100_8004 2  Well, it was just weird seeing our old 5'er that we had traded in, but we are happy to know that someone bought it and is enjoying it, hopefully, as much as we did. 100_8004

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