Friday, September 12, 2008


Today is the day we visit Don's mom. 
She's now living with Don's sister, Debby, while they are getting her trailer ready for her to move into.  On the way, we passed this herd of bison.100_7826

After a "tour" of her new "house," we took Mom to lunch at a small cafe in Blanchard and were surprised at how good the food was.  When we got back to Debby's house, we had a piece of pecan pie that Mom had made for us.  Yummm-dilly-ish-ous!  Following that was the food coma, which we like to refer to as a little siesta.

Debby and Steve have graciously said we can put a storage building on their property, so we checked out the spot where it will go.

OK, we're on a mission now, so we take off in search of a deal on a storage building.  Praise the Lord, we found one.  It will be delivered sometime in the near future and then we will have to find a day or two before it gets too cold, to organize what's in storage now, getting rid of much, I'm sure.  After all, we haven't needed it for almost two years now.

Tonight, we met friends Richard and Susan for dinner at Ted's Mexican Restaurant.  We always have a good time with them, catching up.  They have Katie and Ricky, both grown.  There's a wedding in Katie's future and maybe one in Ricky's, so they are busy.

Hmm.. we crammed quite a bit into this Friday.

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