Saturday, March 31, 2012

This Week

Monday, my bouquet is still beautiful.100_0012

Thursday, I sat down on the back deck and took a few pictures. 

Texas has bluebonnets for ground cover.  Georgia has tiny little purple, blue, yellow & white flowers.  (I like bluebonnets better.)100_0017

Jon stayed with mama while Don and I went to a local café for lunch.  Don stopped several times for me to take pictures of the flowering trees.

The dogwood are in full bloom here.  They’re really pretty.100_0028



The tree looks like a peach tree, as do the flowers.  Well, after all, this is Georgia.100_0034

A fairly rare pink dogwood.100_0035

Friday, with windows open, I heard a strange animal noise that sounded like a puppy.  This is what I saw when I looked out the window.  Mama dog has brought her pups out to meet the world.

100_0038 2012 Mar 30

Friday afternoon, Don grilled in the rain.100_0041


It’s Friday, but Sunday’s coming.

This morning was my first Blue Jay sighting is spring.100_0046

Well, look what found their way to Mama Trudy’s back deck!  I wanted to go out and sit down with them so bad, but I knew better.  There’s one missing; where’s the brown and white puppy?100_0048

He never made it to the back yard.100_0051

Don made the most delicious Fresh Mushrooms and Wild Rice dish today.  Amazing!  I would tell you to Google Paula Deen’s recipe, but Don tweaked it a little and made it better, so if you want to taste this dish at it’s best, you will have to come visit us. 100_0053

So good. So, so good.  Mama Trudy enjoyed everything so much.100_0054

Well, I can’t believe it… KU pulled that game out of the loss column!  That was a really good game.  Kentucky and Kansas in the championship. I’m hoping that Kansas will win since we’re Big 12 people, but I’m pretty sure Kansas will not make it past the Kentucky team that we call The Buzz Saww!

Sunday’s Coming.

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