Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Friday’s treat..

… a pair of Cardinals…100_0642

These pictures were taken through the window on the back door.  If I had opened the door, there wouldn’t have been pictures.Disappointed smile100_0644

Saturday’s treat…

… was me, a woman, being able to move furniture around, again. The day bed/couch that was in the living room where the two chest of drawers are now100_0661

is now in Mama Trudy’s bedroom where the two chest of drawers were.100_0663

The reason for the move… I spent the night before sitting in that rocking chair.  It’s pretty comfortable, but being able to stretch out would have been better.  So, even though the two chest of drawers look odd in the living room, oh well, we do what we need to do to take care of Mama Trudy.

Sunday’s treat….

…. was a buttermilk pie made from scratch by Kimberly DeRusha, wife of extremely blessed nephew, Sammy DeRusha.  Delivered, still warm from the oven!100_0657

… with fresh made whipped cream… ~EVEN~100_0658

Kim’s buttermilk pie is to die for!!!!

Tuesday’s treat…

… was my new RetroPhone receiver.100_0660 It works great!!  I just plug it into my phone and I can hold the receiver on my shoulder and write or do anything, almost.  The tone and sound is actually improved for me and it has a volume.  I like… a lot.  However, the reason I ordered it was in hopes that Don can use it when he checks his pacemaker.  Not sure if that will be possible with the cell phone, but a receiver is required to place in the cradle of the pacemaker-gizmo-checker-thingy.

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Anonymous said...

It sure looks like it would work. Good luck.