Friday, March 9, 2012

Shocky sings

Mama's phone rings a  lot, mostly solicitors, etc.  This morning, the delightful voice belonged to Mama’s step-granddaughter and my step-niece, Shocky, which is a nickname for Charlotte.  She’s precious.Shocky 2009

During our conversation, she told me about making a CD of songs she loves to sing, love songs from the 30’s, 40’ and 50’s.  Love songs to Jesus she has written.  She’s going to send us one! 

[My cousin, Patsy, Mama Trudy and Shocky.]Patsy, Aunt/Mama Trudy, Shocky

When I told Mama Trudy, she told me a story about Shocky’s daddy, who could also sing beautifully.  Here’s how the story goes:

Back in the early 40’s when your daddy, Bill, and I lived in Corsicana (Texas), Bill worked at a stove factory.  Shocky’s daddy, Pete, also worked at the stove factory. At Christmas, the stove company gave a dance to the employees, complete with orchestra. Bill and I went and Pete and Earline went, also.  At some point during the evening, Pete got on stage and sang ‘Girl of My Dreams’ as the orchestra played. It was beautiful. I will never forget that, Mama Trudy said.

In 1928, Gene Austin sang…

In 1928, Gene Austin sang… Girl of my dreams…

Glen Gray and the Casa Loma orchestra made the song a hit in 1937

Jerry Vale recorded “Girl of My Dreams” in 1958. The photography in this video is great.

GIRL OF MY DREAMS was written by Sonny Clapp in 1927 and recorded by the long list that follows:
Louis Armstrong;
Gene Austin; 
Gene Autry; 
Dan Barrett; 
Tony Brent;
Randy Brooks; 
Cliff Bruner; 
The Cadets (Ireland); 
Buddy Clark;
Perry Como; 
Bing Crosby; 
Vic Damone; 
Duke Ellington; 
Firehouse Five Plus Two;
Carl Fontana; 
Tennessee Ernie Ford;
Pete Fountain; 
Jacques Gauthe; 
Dizzy Gillespie; 
Jackie Gleason;
Gerry Granahan; 
George Hamilton IV; 
Milt Hinton; 
Armand Hug;
Willis "Gator" Jackson;
Etta James; 
Harry James;
Jerry Jerome; 
Trevor Jones; 
Eddie Kendricks; 
Billy Kyle; 
George Lewis; 
Junior Mance; 
Mangione Brothers Sextet;
Dave McKenna; 
Amos Milburn; 
Neal & Leandra; 
Oscar Peterson; 
The Pied Pipers;
Preservation Hall Jazz Band;
Ike Quebec; 
Kermit Ruffins; 
Tommy Sancton; 
Charlie Shavers; 
Blue Steele; 
Ralph Sutton; 
Kid Thomas; 
Jerry Vale; 
Kid Thomas Valentine;
Charlie Ventura; 
Jackie Washington.
Are you kidding me????  That’s fifty-four (54!) artists!! It was a very popular song.  When I played it for Mama Trudy, she sang right along with the Gene Austin.
Here are the lyrics:

Girl of my dreams, I love you
Honest I do, you are so sweet
If I could just hold your charms
Again in my arms
Then, life would be complete!

Since you've been gone, dear
Life don't seem the same
Please come back again!

And after all's said an' done
There's only one
Girl of my dreams, it's you!

< instrumental break >

Since you've been gone, dear
Life don't seem the same
Please come back again!

And after all's said an' done
There's only one
Girl of my dreams, it's you!
We received Shocky’s CD and the next opportunity we have, she will listen to it with the earbuds via the laptop.
Thanks Shocky, it’s beautiful!!

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